5 Ways to Transform How You Teach Advertising

5 Ways to Transform How You Teach Advertising

Professors play an important role in equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their future industries.

However, finding time and balance to create or update a compelling advertising course can be challenging. From building real-world projects and industry collaborations to remaining updated with the latest trends and fostering student engagement, there are many ways to create an engaging and effective course. 

Here are five ways you can transform how you teach your advertising course:

1. Balance Theory and Practice

Striking the right balance between theory and practice in advertising courses can be challenging, but students must graduate with skills applicable to real-world scenarios.

Professors can incorporate real-world projects, case studies, and assignments to bridge the theory-practice gap. By doing so, students can apply what they’ve learned in a classroom setting to real-world advertising scenarios. Resources such as the American Advertising Federation (AAF) provide practical advertising materials to integrate into your courses.

Stukent® also provides relevant activities and assignments for you to use in your advertising course. Check out this recent resource:

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Professors can also collaborate with professionals in the advertising industry to bring authentic insights into the classroom, giving students a taste of what they can expect in their future careers.

Activity Idea: Conduct in-class case studies of real advertising campaigns, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. For example, they can analyze the success of a recent ad campaign, dissecting its strategies and how they align with advertising theories.

2. Stay Current with Industry Trends

Advertising is a fast-moving industry. As a professor, it is essential to stay current with the latest trends, technologies, and market shifts, but finding time for this can be difficult.

Professors can utilize digital resources such as industry-specific publications and websites to overcome this challenge. Adweek and Marketing Week offer in-depth articles and reports on the latest advertising trends that can benefit students and professors.

Attending industry conferences and webinars, such as those hosted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) or Stukent, can also keep educators informed about emerging practices and technologies.

For a classroom activity, consider organizing students into groups to present their discoveries on current advertising trends. They can utilize resources like Adweek and Marketing Week to gather information for their presentations, enhancing their understanding of real-world advertising.

Activity Idea: Divide students into groups and have them present their findings on current advertising trends, using resources like Adweek and Marketing Week to gather information.

3. Engage Students in Learning

Maintaining student engagement throughout an advertising course is essential for effective learning. Actively engaged students tend to learn more, but finding ways to capture and maintain their interest is another challenge.

One effective approach to maintaining student engagement is through interactive teaching methods. These methods include gamification, multimedia, and real-world case studies. For instance, professors can introduce gamification elements into their classes using platforms like Kahoot! or Quizlet, where students can participate in advertising-related quizzes and competitions. Gamification adds an element of fun and competition to the learning process, which can boost engagement and motivation.

Professors can also incorporate an in-class advertising competition where students form teams, develop advertising strategies, and present their ideas. This will allow for healthy competition, engagement, and practical application of advertising concepts.

Activity Idea: Create an in-class advertising competition where students form teams, develop advertising strategies, and present their ideas. This fosters competition and engagement while applying course concepts.

4. Teach about Ethics and Responsibility

Teaching ethics and responsibility in advertising is a vital component of preparing future professionals for the field. The evolving nature of the industry adds a layer of complexity to this challenge, as ethical considerations like transparency and social responsibility have gained increased prominence.

One effective approach is to use in-class debates and discussions to delve into the ethical dimensions of advertising campaigns. Engage students in conversations about real-world examples of both ethical and unethical advertising practices. By dissecting these cases, students are encouraged to critically evaluate the ethical aspects involved. These discussions provide students with a practical perspective on the ethical challenges that advertising professionals may face in their careers.

Professors can also introduce students to industry-specific codes of ethics, such as those provided by the American Advertising Federation and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. These codes of ethics outline the principles and standards expected of advertising professionals. Using these codes as a basis for discussions and assignments can help students understand the ethical framework within which advertising operates.

Activity Idea: Facilitate in-class debates and discussions on the ethical dimensions of advertising campaigns. Share examples of ethical and unethical campaigns, and encourage students to analyze and discuss the ethical aspects.

5. Use Stukent’s Advertising Bundle

Stukent’s Advertising Bundle combines the Advertising Simternship™ and courseware to prepare students for the real-world challenges of the advertising industry. The “Advertising: Selling in Today’s World” courseware, authored by Brian Sheehan and Edward Russell, includes video case studies, real-world projects, and expert video lectures, to teach students both theory and practice.

“Other advertising textbooks are out-of-date,” Edward said. “A normal book would tell you the global ad spend from three years ago. [We wanted] a book that could be updated annually. When you get this courseware in the fall, it’ll be as up-to-date as possible.”

Edward is also the author of the “Advertising Campaigns” courseware. The courseware takes students through the process of an advertising campaign, introducing them to client briefings, strategy development, communications with clients, creative development, and so much more.

The Advertising Simternship, consisting of 10 rounds, provides students with job-like interactions, instant feedback, and a focus on practical application. It teaches them to analyze data, create value propositions, plan media outreach, and allocate budgets.

By integrating Stukent’s Advertising Bundle, professors can stay current with industry trends and effectively balance theory and practice while engaging their students. It’s a turnkey solution to overcome the common challenges in advertising education, making it an invaluable resource for advertising professors.

An image of Stukent's advertising campaigns courseware.

The challenges faced by advertising professors are real, but there are practical solutions available. By leveraging industry resources and innovative teaching materials, professors can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that prepares students for the fast-paced advertising world.

To learn about Stukent’s first-in-the-world Simternships and courseware and to get FREE instructor access to Stukent materials, visit Stukent’s website.

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