2018 BPA Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the thousands of BPA members who competed in the Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge with BPA. Students competed against each other using the world’s first social media marketing simulation, Mimic Social, used by top institutions around the world.

Marketing Competition

Participants competed with Mimic Social and tested their social media skills by managing a $5,000 weekly budget in simulated ad dollars for a fictitious bag company by marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. They were taught audience targeting, how to promote and schedule content, as well as mastering the key performance indicators that drive product sales.


These 3 BPA winners developed these skills and proved their skills against their peers. Congratulations on your achievement!

1st Place – Ayriona Colvin

“I learned that you can make a career out of promoting products online. I also learned you have to find your target market first and see what they are interested in. If you post what the people want to see you will do so much better and make more money. I think this simulation would benefit anyone who wants to go into this field. I also think it would benefit people who like to post on social media, people who did this simulation that like to post would see that they can make a career from it and would like to try it. My overall experience using Mimic Social was pretty good. I had never seen a simulation like this before. It made me want to post more, and that’s coming from a person that does not like to post on social media. I would definitely use it again if I had the chance.”

2nd Place – Madison Conry

“I learned that if you put time into anything it will pay off. I put a lot of time and effort into researching and finding out who my target audience was and how to appeal to the right people. I also learned patience with all this. I enjoyed the simulation a lot. I think the simulation would benefit kids, teens, and college students to learn patience, how to budget money, and how to market in different situations. My overall experience was a bunch of mixed emotions. I love the simulation and it helped me learn that I wanted to pursue a career in marketing. I also enjoyed researching.”

3rd Place – Jordan Mastroianni

“I had a very fun time working with this simulation because I like using social media and I also enjoyed trying to figure out what kinds of posts make the most revenue. I learned about the different strategies that companies use to promote their products. I think the simulation would benefit the teens and young adults that want to pursue a career in advertising for companies.”


Congratulations to the BPA winners and thank you to the more the 700 students who competed. Take a look at what some of the competitors had to say about this year’s social media marketing challenge.

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