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You Won’t Believe What Our VP Of Business Development Did For $50

Stukent FamilyAt Stukent we’re all about team building. This year we decided to organize a retreat in the beautiful setting of Island Park, Idaho on the banks of Henry’s Lake. If you’re not
familiar with Island Park, it’s only 15 minutes from the famous West Yellowstone National Park. We had 28 people up there for the week and knew it was a success when on the last day we turned the T.V. on for the first time for the kids in order to get some cabin cleaning done!

Here are some of the highlights from our retreat:

– A demanding seven-mile hike

lake marie hike island park
– Boating on Henry’s Lake

boating on Henry's Lake

– The Playmill

– Midnight rope swing jumps into Henry’s Lake

– Way too much food

– Laser tag in the woods

And then this happened.

Watch what Mark Kruckenberg (our VP of Business Development) did for $50

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