2024 AI in Education Trends: How AI Has Impacted My Educator Role

Dr. Mehrnoosh Reshadi

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Mehrnoosh Reshadi (Ph.D.) is an assistant professor of marketing with a diverse professional journey. Before entering academia, she obtained her B.A. in finance and worked in financial services and management consulting before pursuing her graduate studies in China, India, and the U.S., culminating in a Global MBA degree and a career in marketing. She received her doctorate from Texas Tech University and has taught digital marketing, social media marketing and analytics, and other marketing courses for nearly 5 years. Mehrnoosh is very passionate about unlocking the potential of emerging technologies to reshape marketing strategies and drive societal impact. Her research delves into the intersection of technology and marketing, exploring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, autonomous products, and synthetic media. She also studies the dynamics of social media platforms, online brand experiences, and the creator economy. She serves on both A.I. and analytics task forces within her college and has been using A.I. in her academic role since 2022.


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