Top 5 Summer Jobs for Teachers

One of the biggest perks to being a teacher are the breaks. Whether you’re involved in higher education or elementary education, your knowledge and skills are needed. Here the top 5 summer jobs for teachers!

1. Harness Your Talents

Depending on what you teach, you could turn it into summer contract work. English teachers can write for magazines, newspapers, or blogs. A music teacher could work with a local musician to produce an album, or with a music school giving private music lessons. A history teacher could work at a nearby historical landmark as a tour guide or historical re-enactor. This may take some creativity, but if you are open to thinking outside the box then you might just land the perfect summer job!

2. Tutor

Many students take the summer to catch up on weak areas. They may be looking for a tutor to help them get ready for next year. Older students may be interested in test prep for the SAT, or GED. College graduates in your area may be looking for help on entrance exams such as the GRE or MCAT.

Professional tutors can charge up to $45 per hour, and may meet with a student for an hour once or twice a week. They may meet in a neutral place such as a library or coffee shop, or travel to a location better fitting the student. If your school is open for summer school, ask about simply offering summer tutoring in your classroom. If you are a college professor, check with your local school districts to see what type of programs already exist and how you can add to them.

Another great way to grow your tutoring business is to create an account on websites such as Wyzant, VarsityTutors, and UniversityTutor. These websites bring students to you, and have already done the search engine optimization work to rank well in search results for queries such as, “chemistry tutor in San Diego.” Don’t forget about your local online classifieds either. Posting your services on websites such as Craigslist can be very beneficial as well.

Another route you could go with this is to create your own tutoring website. With a little local search engine optimization and great subject matter content you could begin ranking for searches such as, “chemistry tutor in

3. Teach Abroad

teaching-summer-abroadOne of the benefits of the long vacation is the ability to travel. Many companies take teams of teachers and professors to teach English and other subjects to students in other countries. In addition to the benefit of traveling and staying abroad, you can bring home a wealth of cultural experiences to enrich your classroom for the coming years.

To find such companies and programs, simply perform a Google search for, “summer abroad teaching”, or you can be more location specific with, “teaching abroad in Spain summer.” Within no time at all you should be on the right track for landing an amazing summer job teaching abroad at a location of your choosing!

4. Camp Supervisor

While high school and college students take jobs as camp counselors and lifeguards, vacationing professionals can work in senior positions, such as supervisors or administrators. You can choose to stay close to home by working at a day camp, or fulfill a secret inner desire to be the next Kevin “Ug” Lee from Salute Your Shorts!

If you’d rather lose the trappings of home altogether, consider working with National Parks Service as summer help. Beautiful and historical scenery, combined with meeting new people from around the country are sure to melt away all lingering spring fever and rejuvenate your inner soul for the upcoming school year.

5. Summer Adjunct Professor

Adjunct professors must meet certain education standards that vary across institutions. For more prestigious universities or higher-level classes, you will often be required to have a doctorate or an advanced degree. If you don’t have an advanced degree, look around for teaching opportunities that consider industry experience.

If you would rather work instead of vacationing this summer, there are a number of opportunities out there. With some planning and creativity, you could have an amazing summer!

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