Social Media Marketing Summer Challenge Winners

Thank you to the more than 250 high school teachers across the country who competed in the first annual Summer Social Media Marketing Challenge. These teachers took time from their summer breaks to learn and compete using the world’s first social media marketing simulation, Mimic Social.

The competition required participants to manage a $5,000 weekly social media marketing budget in simulated ad dollars for a fictitious, global bag company. The competitors with the highest revenue at the end of three posting rounds won.

The 1st place finisher will receive 1 year of free access to Stukent’s Social Media Marketing Courseware for an entire class. ($2,000 value). Competitors who finished in the top 50 will each receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks.

Get Free Access

If you haven’t signed up for free instructor access yet, simply fill out this form to get access to the simulation used for the challenge.

Grand Prize Winner:

Nina Merget | North Farmington High School | Farmington Michigan

Nina’s Tip’s for dominating Mimic Social:

“Mimic Social is all about planning ahead and posting often. You do not have to promote every post, but you have to post often to keep brand recognition in consumers. Do homework to find out optimum posting time on each of the platforms and focus your promotion funds during those times. The more planning you do the more revenue you generate and the more fun you will have.”

Top 50:

1Nina MergetMichigan
2Mike KaluzaMinnesota
3Julie MooreIndiana
4Xavier MartinezWashington
5Sherry SilerArkansas
6Rodger HutleyTexas
7Catherine GriffinMassachusetts
8Nancy LopusNew Jersey
9Jacob RhynerWashington
10Amber BranterMissouri
11Bailey White
12Korrie PurcellKentucky
13Katie MantelWashington
14Tayler LynchArkansas
15Kristi HomanOhio
16Marissa KaneAlabama
17Kerry HenleyMissouri
18Kelly WrightArizona
19Dre' HelmsMississippi
20Emily JacobsonNorth Dakota
21Simone CraneWashington
22Andreas BroxsonWashington
23Michelle MooreTexas
24Jack JorgensenWashington
25Abby SimmonsWashington
26Julian RodriguezArizona
27Emily ReedIllinois
28Dylan KaneWashington
29Charles TuckerMississippi
30Sully TomczychWashington
31Julie OelschlagerIndiana
32Eddie BolanosWashington
33Lisa StroupOregon
34Kristen FantryNew York
35Penny TroeMinnesota
36Whitney CarterArkansas
37Alli ClarkWashington
38Abby WiltWashington
39Morgan NarbyWashington
40Nyah HughesWashington
41Natalie RicheyNew Jersey
42Kellen HausmannWashington
43Thomas BlakneyWashington
44Ethan HarrisWashington
45Layne KnipferWashington
46Victoria PenningWashington
47Clay LancasterWashington
48Emilee JohnsonWashington
49Ryan IovercampWashington
50Orlando CervantesWashington
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