Professor of the Month: Kristen Schiele

Kristen Schiele, PhD, MBA
Assistant Professor of Marketing
University: Cal Poly Pomona
Location: Pomona, California, United States 

If you’re looking for a professor dedicated to digital marketing research, you might not find one more focused on digital marketing than Kristen. She is researching: 1) Online Reviews and Marketing Strategy, 2) Using Technology to Understand Culture and Group Identity, 3) Big Data, 4) Consumer Use of Social Media, Pinterest and Image-Sharing Sites, and 5) Marketing Education and Technology.

After receiving her PhD from UC Irvine, she has gone on to do amazing things. Besides her research and focus on getting better and better at what she does at Cal Poly Pomona, where she currently works, Kristen sits on the board for the Marketing Educators Association.

She will be using Stukent’s platform again this fall.

Connect with Kristen Schiele

Congratulations Kristen!

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