Mary Beth McCabe

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Stukent Author • Subject Matter Expert

I am from San Diego, Calif. I obtained a DBA from Alliant International University, and an MBA focused on marketing from DePaul University and a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Dayton.

I have been the founder of Sun Marketing Advertising and Media since 1993. I’m also an author, podcaster, publisher, media buyer, and Hispanic marketing specialist.

Why is education important to you?

Education can change lives. It can change the way we think. It can change the way we see the world. It helps us understand what is happening around us and what is happening that we can’t see.

What does being an Innovation Partner mean to you?

An innovation partner would bring new ideas and listen to others’ opinions. Innovation can occur in technology as well as in soft skills.

What made you want to innovate with Stukent?

Stukent has always been a forward thinking organization. I expect that to continue in the future.

What are your hobbies?

My family has been growing a vegetable garden in our backyard for the last eight years to serve others. It is a giving feeling to be able to feed more than our family.

What is your favorite TV show?

My favorite TV shows have female heroines, such as Wonder Woman.

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"Thanks again for allowing my class to participate in the testing of this simulation.
They really loved it and report weekly about how much they are learning."
Elaine Winship
Professor of Communication Arts
St. Thomas Aquinas College