Mimic Supply Chain

Take Supply Chain Theory Beyond the Page

A Real-world Supply Chain Management Experience for the Classroom

Real-world experience, without the risk!

Mimic Supply Chain lets students experiment with the concepts you’re teaching them in the classroom in a low-risk sandbox environment.

Key Learning Objectives​

Over the course of nine rounds, students will play the role of a supply chain analyst for Buhi Supply Co., a fictitious e-commerce retailer. Students will learn to:

Assess the impacts on Buhi’s business

Analyze scorecards to choose ideal suppliers

Forecast demand and place purchase orders to maintain inventory levels

Analyze scorecards to choose ideal suppliers

Evaluate a site location

Propose transportation methods to minimize lead time and cost

Suggest warehouse locations to optimize network design

Communicate with colleagues to demonstrate an understanding of supply chain concepts

Mimic Supply Chain Simulation - Coming Soon!

Put Classroom Concepts Into Practice

Mimic Supply Chain asks students to apply forecasting models to real-world supply chain scenarios, meet demand, optimize inventory levels, select transportation methods and warehouse locations, and perform other vital supply chain tasks. Mimic Supply Chain lets students experiment with the concepts you’re teaching them in a low-risk sandbox environment.

Spend less time prepping and grading and more time helping students get valuable practice with Mimic Supply Chain!

A More Engaging Helpful Applicable Option


Students explore how supply chains aren’t limited to plants or warehouses, but are systems that deliver goods and services to consumers.


Students learn about current industry jobs that relate to the principles they are learning.


Students can apply learning to their classwork, internships, or jobs the next day.

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