Stukent Public Relations Simternship™

The Only Pitch, Press Release, and Social Media Management Simulation

Give Students a Secure Space to Apply Best Public Relations Principles

What Will Your Students Learn?


  • Identify email content that professionally and effectively pitches to media contacts
  • Analyze media contact information in order to select those best suited to receive pitches
  • Analyze target-audience research to select the best content options for an audience
  • Select content that communicates effectively in cases of public relations crises
  • Write a press release
  • Demonstrate effective use of content sequencing within a press release
  • Create social media posts that appropriately align with a target audience
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Associated Press style
  • Select sound responses to ethics-based questions
  • Respond effectively to social media related questions

Hands-on Experience Without the Risk

Mimic Public Relations is a simulation that gives your students hands-on educational experiences with important elements of professional public relations practice. This simulated environment allows your students to take risks and learn from  mistakes before reaching out to real media contacts and influencers. This is the perfect simulation for any principles or public relations writing course. 

Build Email Pitches

Analyze & Select Media Contacts

Implement Social Media Strategy

Selecting & Writing Press Releases

10 Reasons to Use Stukent Public Relations Simternship

1. Engages students in real-world scenarios 

2. Requires students to analyze media contacts, objectives, and research to make informed decisions

3. Helps students apply and practice public relations principles and concepts

4. Auto-grades assignments and offers students personalized feedback

5. Ideal for in-person or online instruction and a variety of class sizes 

6. Utilizes the controlled simulation environment to simulate public relations crises

7. Gives students the opportunity to practice professionalism in the workplace by communicating with co-workers and learning proper email etiquette

8. Shows students how to build press releases using the inverted pyramid technique 

9. Includes weekly briefings from a fictitious boss

10. Pairs perfectly with the “PR Principles” digital textbook, which is updated annually

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Stukent Simternships™ — Redefine Business Education

Redefine hands-on education with a Stukent Simternship™! A Simternship goes beyond your average business simulation, giving your students the opportunity to put the concepts you’re teaching them to work.

A Stukent Simternship packs months of role-specific training into a single semester. Your students will step into real-world positions, allowing them to gain experience, master marketable skills, increase their knowledge retention, and yes, even make mistakes in a low-risk environment.

With Stukent Simternships, your students get a powerful, resume-worthy experience, while you get a hassle-free semester. Talk to a Stukent course consultant today to see how a Simternship can transform your classroom!

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