Mimic Entrepreneurship Simulation

Higher Ed Entrepreneurship Simulation

The entrepreneurial journey without the entrepreneurial risks.

Entrepreneurship Courseware and Simulation Preview with the Authors

Join us July 22, 2022* for a deep-dive into the digital Stukent courseware: "Entrepreneurship: How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Business."
At the virtual event, you will:

  • Hear from the authors on their favorite projects, resources, and more in the courseware.
  • Connect with other entrepreneurship professors while you attend the event.
  • Get a look at Stukent's new entrepreneurship simulation!
*Date and time subject to change

Mimic Entrepreneurship Simulation

Hands-on entrepreneurial experience without the financial risk

With Mimic Entrepreneurship, students play the role of an entrepreneur starting a new backpack company, Buhi Supply Co. Over the course of ten engaging rounds, students will research products, manage budgets, perform market research, secure investment funds, hire employees, and so much more. Help students get ahead in business tomorrow by getting them started in entrepreneurship today.

Entrepreneurship Courseware and Simulation Bundle

Stukent’s Entrepreneurship Bundle will include:

  • Over a hundred instructor and student resources
  • First-in-the-world simulation
  • Continuously-updated courseware

The “Entrepreneurship” courseware pairs seamlessly with Mimic Entrepreneurship, a real-world simulation that puts students in the pilot seat of starting, growing, and scaling their own business.

Whether students find themselves wanting to work for a company, or are thinking about starting  businesses of their own, Entrepreneurship: How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Business will help them prepare for a successful entrepreneurship career.