Mimic Entrepreneurship Simulation

Higher Ed Entrepreneurship Simulation

Your students can experience the entrepreneurial journey without the risks.

Solidify Theory with Hands-on Practice​

The Mimic Entrepreneurship simulation gives students hands-on entrepreneurial experience without the financial risk. In the simulation, students play the role of an entrepreneur starting a new backpack company, Buhi Supply Co. Over the course of ten engaging rounds, students will research products, manage budgets, perform market research, secure investment funds, hire employees, and so much more.

Help students get ahead in business tomorrow by getting them started in entrepreneurship today.

Simulation Rounds

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Round 1: Purchase Market Research

Round 2: Identify Target Persona

Round 3: Order Sample Backpacks

Round 4: Forecast and Purchase Inventory

Round 5: Optimize Pricing

Round 6: Craft an Investor Pitch

Round 7: Select Distribution Channels

Round 8: Hire Employees

Round 9: Craft Business Sales Pitch

Round 10: Optimize Your Business

Key Learning Objectives

The Entrepreneurship Bundle

The Mimic Entrepreneurship simulation pairs seamlessly with the Entrepreneurship: How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Business courseware that has over 100 educator resources.

Whether students find themselves wanting to work for a company, or are thinking about starting businesses of their own, the Entrepreneurship bundle will help them prepare for a successful entrepreneurship career.


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