CliqLaunch: A Mobile Marketing Platform

Our Mobile Marketing Essentials textbook is now accompanied by CliqLaunch, a mobile publishing platform.

Cliqlaunch is a simple but powerful tool used by major brands to run their mobile marketing campaigns.

Stukent has partnered with SiteMinis Inc. to give Stukent students access to Cliqlaunch for a major discount. This will allow your students to immediately apply what they are learning from the textbook by building actual campaigns and landing pages targeting mobile consumers.


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Why A Mobile Marketing Platform For A Mobile Marketing Class?

Many of our other textbooks have amazing simulations and tools that go along with them and help the students apply what they learn in our textbooks. We didn’t want Mobile Marketing Essentials to be any different.

The world of mobile marketing is changing at a breakneck pace and it’s more important than ever for marketers to keep up. Cliqlaunch is designed to let marketers do just that. It lets marketers without technical experience easily create and launch mobile landing pages and immediately drive traffic to them.

Students will get hands-on experience with the same tool used by major brands like Home Depot, Kmart, and Hertz.

There are a lot of places for students to go and find info on digital marketing but it’s hard for them to get opportunities to use what they learn. With Cliqlaunch, the lessons you teach and the chapters they read can be applied immediately and become more than just theory to your students.

Huge Benefits For Students

  • Students get access to a leading landing-page builder used in the industry
  • Students will gain hands-on experience that will make them a valuable asset to their employers.
  • Students get access to the Cliqlaunch platform for just $79.99 – Companies pay thousands for this software
  • PLUS more!

Cliqlaunch Features

  • Full Analytics
  • Low-Cost Deployment
  • Marketing Calendar Alignment
  • Intuitive Platform
  • No coding Required
  • Mobile Campaign Management
  • Simplified Mobile Deployment
  • Easy Prototyping
  • Fast A-B Testing

Want to review the tool?

No problem! Simply request demo access below and we’ll create a free instructor account for you.


Let Your Colleagues Know About Cliqlaunch

A Million Thanks

Thank you for believing that business students need more exposure to the subject of online marketing and for helping us fulfill our mission of helping professors help students help the world.



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