We Welcome Mark Kruckenberg as Stukent VP of Sales

After literally months of searching, we have found the right person to oversee the sales team at Stukent. The position of Vice President of Sales is not an easy one to fill, but after you get to know Mark a little bit better in this post I am confident that you will see what a perfect match Mark is for the Stukent team.  He basically meets every description of what we look for in our employees as found on the Stukent career page (go check it out if you haven’t yet).

Everyone, meet Mark Kruckenberg.
Mark Shot
Tell us a little bit about your career.
I have been working in the higher education industry for close to 8 years. My experience ranges from enrollment, student and faculty services, to sales. I firmly believe knowledge and education are vital to a better community, country, and world. I am attracted to opportunities wherein I can help educators reach better learning outcomes.
What things attracted you to come work for Stukent?
I was initially attracted to Stukent because I saw an immediate need for what they had to offer. The more I learned of Stukent, the more I understood the vision, the environment, and how I could play a part. I saw Stukent as an opportunity to help educators and students succeed and at the same time develop personally.
What do you envision Stukent becoming in the next 3-5 years?
I see Stukent becoming a top of mind educational provider to bring real world knowledge and skills into the academic and professional world.
Why do you love sales?
Sales is an adventure. You know your destination but have so many ways to get there!
How would you describe your sales style?
First things first, I want to understand what people want and need – their goals, their triumphs, and their frustrations. Then I want to provide them with solutions. I don’t believe in selling what is not needed, though sometimes there is some convincing required!
Favorite pastimes.
Hanging with the family, traveling, playing basketball and football, performing music, writing music, and baking!
Favorite sports teams.
I am a college sports guy, though I enjoy every level. Standards are BYU, ASU, then I pretty much root for teams friends or family are associated with.
Give us two little known, but cool factoids about you.
I recently completed a Sprint Triathlon, and hope to do more.
I won a department cookie baking contest.
Give us two sentences about your family. 
I grew up in a large family in North Dakota and loved it! I have an awesome wife, two great kids and hoping for another soon!
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