Teacher of the Month: Chris Hancock

Chris Hancock
Financial Literacy Teacher

School: Fremont High School

Location: Plain City, Utah

With hard work and dedication, in 2014, Chris became the first one in his family to graduate from college. He earned his bachelor’s degree in education and social sciences. He is going into his sixth year in education and has loved every minute of it. He teaches Financial Literacy at Fremont High School where he is also an alumnus of the class of 2000. 

Fremont High School

In addition to teaching, Chris coaches wrestling and baseball. He is also involved in the Hope Squad program at the school. Hope Squad is a school-based peer-to-peer suicide prevention program where he trains and supports members to be the eyes and ears of the school in helping prevent suicide and supporting the community.  

Chris also works at a residential treatment facility (Triumph Academy) and has over 10 years of experience working with teenage boys ages 13 to 18. These boys work on treatment for a variety of issues including drug addictions, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, coping skills, life skills, school work, family therapy, and more. He has been able to stay in contact with many of the boys who have graduated from the program, and he feels blessed having the boys in his life.

We asked Chris a few questions. His answers are below.


Mimic Personal Finance curriculum and simulation

I use the mimic personal finance program from Stukent.  This is simply the best thing out there in supporting high school students in learning financial literacy and life skills. Last year was the first year I’ve used Mimic Personal Finance in my five years of teaching financial literacy at Fremont.  There is nothing better out there when it comes to real-life situations that Mimic Personal Finance gives me as an instructor and my students.  I’ve asked myself many times this last year, “How did I teach Financial Literacy without Mimic Personal Finance?”  I love this program and will never teach without it again.


On Thursdays and Fridays we do “Life Happens” which is one of the features of the program. I like to make this fun for the kids so I play DJ by playing music while students go to the front of the class and select what scenario they receive that particular week. I use my touch screen in the class where students can be involved in the process of “Life Happens.” My students look forward to ending the week with this feature. I’ve had a few students actually make a soundtrack for “Life Happens” in their video production class and they got to play it live during “Life Happens,” which was amazing to see.


Chris and Family

I love spending time with my wife and two kids in the outdoors or road tripping to amazing places. My wife and I came to the conclusion that we have our kids for 18 summers and we would like to make 18 wonderful experiences with them during these summers. I love doing anything that involves my family.

Thank you, Chris, and congratulations!

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