Teacher of the Month: Bridella Carter

Bridella Carter
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

School: Fremont High School

Location: Plain City, Utah

Bridella Carter is a family and consumer sciences teacher at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah. Although she has taught FACS for 10 years, this is her first year teaching in Utah and her first year using Mimic Personal Finance. Technology in general comes very naturally to Bridella, and she loves being able to use her creativity and technology to enhance learning opportunities in the classroom.

Fremont High School Campus

We asked Bridella a few questions. Her answers are below.


Mimic Personal Finance Courseware Bundle

I am currently using the simulation in four sections of “Adult Roles and Financial Literacy.” The simulation has taken what I did in my previous school to a new level. There are two other teachers at my school who also use the Mimic Personal Finance Simulation. We collaborate daily on how to use the simulation to improve the real-life experience we offer our students; I contribute the majority of what I do in my classroom using the simulation as a result of their mentoring. I love the sense of community the simulation helps create in the classroom with our “neighborhoods” and various class jobs.


Something unique I do in my class is how we handle the in-class jobs. My HR director has a big leadership role — he or she starts class each day and welcomes the students, then calls on 3-5 students to share their responses to the daily journal question. Then time is given to any of the other class officers with announcements.  This has freed up my time for attendance and I know that if there is a substitute, the class continues to run smoothly in my absence.

I also have a FCCLA liaison. FCCLA is the career technical student organization for FACS. The job of the FCCLA liaison is to communicate any announcements for FCCLA, help recruit members, and promote activities. They get paid salary but also commission for each class member who attends lunch and after school activities. 


When not doing things for school, I can be found crafting, spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, or in the kitchen baking bread and making black licorice caramels.

Thank you, Bridella, and congratulations!

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