Top 15 Most Influential Marketing Professors on Twitter


We’ve decided to crank out a list of the top 15 most influential marketing professors on twitter. These professors are currently active on twitter as of February 18, 2014. Not only are these professors teaching marketing in the classroom like a rock star, but they are killing it in the social media space as well.

If you are an aspiring marketer then these top-notch professors are going to be the next 15 “twifessors” you follow.

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15. Dave Wieneke

Dave is an evangelist and practitioner of digital business strategy, a discipline which improves and expands how firms create value for customers online. He teaches at Northeastern University and blogs about the future of digital marketing at

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14. Jim Joseph

Jim is a three-time author, blogger, professor at New York University, and regular contributor to Entrepreneur and Huffington Post. Learn more about what he’s up to from his website.

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13. Karen Russell

Karen is a professor at the University of Georgia. She is editor of the Journal of Public Relations Research. She tweets about public relations and social media. You can read more about her research here

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12. John Deighton

John Deighton of the Harvard Business School Marketing Faculty shares his opinions on digital marketing and Internet culture.

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11. Lou Imbriano

A full-fledged Entrepreneur, professor of sports marketing at Boston College, Former CMO of the New England Patriots & McGraw-Hill Author ~ Winning the Customer. Lou tweets about sports, business, marketing and social media. You can learn more about him here.

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10. Lauri Harrison

Lauri is a marketing adjunct professor at Columbia University SCE. She shares extensive dot com expertise, is a strategic thinker, and has the ability to act tactically. She also shares her marketing views on her blog here.

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9. Carol Phillips

Carol is a Notre Dame Marketing professor, brand strategist and market researcher and President of Brand Amplitude. Carol and her team share the latest market research techniques on what drives customer decision-making at Brand Amplitude.

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8. Mike Johansson

Mike Johansson is a lecturer in the department of communication at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and a social media strategy consultant.

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7. Tracy Tuten

Dr. Tracy Tuten is a professor of marketing at East Carolina University. She specializes in advertising, social media, & marketing creativity. Dr. Tuten was one of the very first people studying web surveys back in the 1990s! Learn more about Tracy from her personal website.

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6. David Gerzof

David Gerzof Richard is a social media and marketing professor from Emerson College. He is the founder of BigFish an integrated social media, PR, marketing and social influence firm that specializes in guiding organizations through their marketing and communication challenges.

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5. Deirdre Breakenridge

Deirdre is an adjunct professor at New York University. She is the CEO of Pure Performance Communications and co-founder of #PRStudChat. Follow her on her personal website.

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4. Patrick Strother

Patrick teaches PR case studies and campaign planning at the University of Minnesota. He tweets about education, marketing, public relations and social media. He’s the Founder, CEO at Strother Communications Group.

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3. Dr. Jennifer Aaker

Dr. Aaker is a professor of marketing at Stanford GSB. She’s the author of The Dragonfly Effect. She tweets about marketing, twitter and business.

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2. Dr. Gary Schirr

Dr. Schirr is a professor of marketing at Radford University. He shares his thoughts on social media, innovation, and higher education on his personal blog.

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1. Mark Schaefer

Mark is a marketing faculty member at Rutgers University. He is a globally-recognized blogger, educator, business consultant, and author. You can learn more about Mark and his ventures from his website.

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We appreciate professors who not only teach marketing at a high level, but also practice doing what they teach. There’s a lesson to be learned here and the 15 professors on this list do a fantastic job at managing both.

To make it easy to follow these rock stars on Twitter, we’ve created a Twitter list that can be found here. Now go follow along and learn from the best!

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