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Televerde Foundation and Stukent Partner to Empower Incarcerated Women with Financial Literacy Resources

Phoenix, AZ – The Televerde Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to empowering incarcerated individuals through education and job training is pleased to announce a transformative partnership with Stukent, a leading provider of educational technology. This partnership aims to provide incarcerated women participating in Televerde Foundation’s Career PATH program with comprehensive financial literacy resources, including a hands-on simulation and courseware.

The Televerde Foundation’s PATH program focuses on equipping incarcerated women with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully reintegrate into society. By collaborating with Stukent, the Televerde Foundation will expand its offerings to include essential financial literacy education, enabling participants to develop vital financial management skills.

As part of the partnership, Stukent will provide access to its cutting-edge financial literacy resources, including a hands-on simulation and courseware. Over 135,000 students have used the Stukent Personal Finance simulation and courseware at nearly 1,000 schools across the country. The hands-on Personal Finance simulation will immerse participants in real-world financial scenarios, allowing them to make informed decisions and gain practical experience. The courseware will cover a range of topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding credit.

“We are honored to partner with the Televerde Foundation to support their mission of empowering incarcerated women through education and job training,” said Stuart Draper, founder and CEO of Stukent. “By providing comprehensive financial literacy resources, we aim to equip these women with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve financial independence and future success.”

The Televerde Foundation recognizes the significance of financial literacy in empowering incarcerated individuals to rebuild their lives. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Stukent to enhance our Career PATH program with comprehensive financial literacy resources,” said Michelle Cirocco, Chief Social Responsibility Officer at Televerde and Chief Executive Officer Televerde Foundation. “This partnership will play a vital role in preparing incarcerated women for a successful reentry into society, equipping them with the financial skills necessary for a brighter future.”

Through this partnership, Stukent and the Televerde Foundation aim to positively impact the lives of incarcerated women, providing them with a valuable financial education that can lead to greater financial stability and personal growth.

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About Televerde Foundation:
The Televerde Foundation’s mission is to provide currently and formerly incarcerated women with the personal and professional development programs necessary to successfully join and advance in the global workforce. The Televerde approach inspires creativity, imagination, self-confidence, and social skills while addressing issues that cause recidivism. The Televerde Foundation enables women to break the generational cycle of poverty and incarceration by becoming positive role models to change the lives of future generations and build stronger communities. To learn more, visit

About Stukent:
Stukent is reimagining effective education, bridging the gap between academia and dynamic, fast-moving industries. Stukent provides innovative first-in-the-world Simternships™ for business, marketing, and communication disciplines. These simulations and courseware are used by over 7,500 institutions of higher education across 84 countries. Stukent was founded in 2013 by Stuart Draper with a mission to help educators help students help the world. Stukent is headquartered in Idaho Falls, ID. To learn more, visit

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