Teacher of the Month: Pam Kantack

Pam Kantack

Business Education, CTE Administrator, PowerSchool/ISEE Coordinator

School: Shelley High School

Location: Shelley, Idaho

Pam Kantack earned her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Business Education from Idaho State University in 2010.  Before that, she had many part-time, business-related jobs while raising her two sons, Carson and Cashe.  She did her student teaching at Shelley High School in Shelley, Idaho and was offered a job as a part-time business teacher.  Pam taught part-time there for a couple of years until she was promoted to full-time. 

Fun fact: Shelley High School is where Pam graduated from high school – so she is teaching at the same high school she graduated from! During her first few years of teaching, she continued to go to school and earned her Master’s Degree online from Ball State University in Business Education. 

Pam with her two children, Carson and Cashe

In the past few years, Pam has continued to work, furthered her education, and, this year, earned her Career & Technical Education (CTE) Administrator certificate.  Her role is now part-time “Director of Programs” and part-time teacher.  Director of Programs means Pam is the CTE Administrator, the Learning Management System Administrator, and the state reporting administrator. She also teaches part-time for Idaho Digital Learning. 

Pam is the advisor for her school’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) club.  She was awarded the local radio station’s “Teacher Feature” award in 2017 and 2019. 

We asked Pam a few questions. Her answers are below.


I learned about Stukent’s Mimic Social Media Marketing courseware through a BPA national competition.  I introduced it to my Business Essentials class and we were all hooked!  It was the first time I felt courseware was actually helping student prepare for the real-world.  Social media is everywhere for kids and this gave them a job prospect they could pursue in the future 

Another goal I have for my students is to be prepared for the real world.  I believe personal finance should be required for every high school student. For a while, I was teaching personal finance by integrating it with my Economics courses but was looking for some curriculum that would be more engaging for my students. Then Stukent’s Mimic Personal Finance was introduced to me and I was elated! We tried it for the first time right before COVID-19 hit.  I honestly think my students were most disappointed about not being able to do the Personal Finance simulation than being quarantined in itself.  I was able to request a personal finance course this year and I will be teaching it in the spring semester where we’ll once again use the simulation. My students can’t wait!


I like to make the simulations fun and engaging, so we compete as a class and I offer gift cards at the end of the simulation for the top winners.  This year we are also creating “champion” t-shirts for bragging rights.

Learning needs to be fun and engaging to get students’ attention.  I have found that the more real-life simulations I use; the more interested students are in learning.

Some advice – be a part of the simulation! Compete with them. They love the challenge of trying to beat their teacher.

Pam’s BPA students


I love to spend time with family and friends.  I love summertime and traveling. I love to learn as well. I am always looking for conferences to attend so I can always be learning something new I can pass on to my students. I love to ski, snowmobile, read, shop, and have coffee with friends.  Most of all, I love teaching!

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Thank you, Pam, and congratulations!

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