Teacher of the Month: Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore
Marketing Teacher
DECA Advisor

School: Ronald Reagan High School

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Michelle Moore has held the position of marketing teacher and DECA advisor at Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio, Texas since 2013. She has made her passion for students the hallmark of her teaching style and brings that passion into everything she undertakes. When the pandemic began in March of 2020, she and one other colleague undertook the professional development needs of their fellow campus teachers — equipping them with the necessary skills to transition their classrooms for a remote environment.

She has earned the campus title of CTE Teacher of the Year in 2017, 2018, and 2020, as well as Educator of the Month from College Tutors of San Antonio in April 2018. She is also the proud advisor of the 3rd largest DECA chapter in the state of Texas for the 2019–2020 school year. Michelle’s DECA students have seen incredible success in the last few years and she has been honored to be a part of the journey of several internationally recognized medalists. 

Ronald Reagan High School

Michelle majored in marketing at Texas A&M University and went on to pursue a career in commercial real estate as a development project manager for Noah’s Ark Development, specializing in the development of self-storage facilities across the southern United States.

She was a presenter at state and national conventions on topics of market research and demand analysis. Michelle was also published in the April 2008 issue of Mini-storage Messenger trade magazine with her article “Is There Demand? Must-have Information Before You Develop.” Her demand analysis services were one of the most highly sought after skills while working for Noah’s Ark Development. As a developer, she was able to utilize her marketing background, exceptional research skills, and market acumen to plan, organize and implement the successful development of self-storage facilities in various locations throughout Texas and Florida. 

When Michelle married her long-distance high school sweetheart she moved to Lubbock, Texas, and had to refocus her talents. She began her career in sales working as an account representative for Benchmark Business Solutions, a Xerox agent owner, and eventually a service solutions executive for Xerox when she and her husband moved back to San Antonio. She realized her passion for teaching through her involvement with her local church as a youth group leader and decided to make her final career change to education.

Michelle and her family

Michelle is happily married to her husband, Brandon, since 2010, and they spend most of their time in San Antonio with their daughter and son, McKinley and Lawson, and their dog Paisley.

We asked Michelle a few questions. Her answers are below.

Marketing Strategies and Mimic Social Product Bundle


I use Mimic Social and “Marketing Strategies: A Guide to Social Media and Digital Marketing” for my social media marketing class.


  1.  I have found that the best way to get students engaged with the Mimic Social simulation is to start with the incentive for winning the competition which is awarded at the end of the semester. Once the students know they have something to work towards, I use this as a reminder to keep them focused throughout the competition. I have also found success with only allocating a Wednesday–Sunday to odd numbered (posting) rounds, and Monday–Tuesday to even numbered (analysis) rounds. I also break up the rounds in between the different chapters as it is noted in the Stukent sample calendar. This has helped maintain my student’s excitement about the simulation and has prevented burn-out.
  2. I have found IMMENSE success by utilizing a tool that is designed for the elementary/middle school level with my high school students. I use Class Dojo to encourage class participation while limiting the amount of time students are outside my class. I reward my students with Class Dojo points for their participation and allow them to redeem points for things like bathroom passes and extra credit.


Michelle working as a DECA advisor

I was the captain of my high school golf team and competed on the national level. I am also enjoying managing the social media accounts for my aunt’s production company and have learned so much through Stukent’s courseware that has helped me to be confident in offering my services to others!

Thank you, Michelle, and congratulations!

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