Teacher of the Month: Carol Lill

Carol Lill

Business Teacher, DECA Advisor

School: West Chester East High School

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

Carol and her family

Carol Lill has been a Business Education Teacher and DECA Advisor for over 20 years. DECA’s roots are in Career and Technical Education, so the addition of the Mimic Social Simulation was a perfect fit for hands-on learning. She believes experiential learning is the key to keeping students engaged and tying curriculum to the real world. 

Carol earned her bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University in Business Education. She attended Rosemont College and earned her master’s degree in Instructional Technology.

Carol knew that her school needed to do more with digital marketing for quite a while. She worked with a couple alumni to create her own curriculum which was pasted together from all kinds of resources. They then made a website project and the students had to solicit their own traffic from friends and family to see the pathway in Google Analytics. It wasn’t perfect or pretty, but they did get through to some kids, and a few students are in that career field now. 

We asked Carol a few questions. Her answers are below.


I just kept thinking, there has to be something out there and then I finally came across Stukent! I couldn’t believe it when I found it, it was perfect!!! I knew the analytics piece was growing exponentially in marketing and there would be several jobs in this area.  Consequently, my daughter, a rising senior at the University of South Carolina, is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Data Analytics and is currently interning with Comcast in their data analysis department. She was a student in our program, so I guess we got the thought process going okay for at least one kid!

I have used the Marketing Strategies online textbook and the Mimic Social Simulation for our semester-long Social Media Marketing course. 


I love to use realistic projects and activities in my classes, which is why I love Mimic Social so much. I have taken the activities provided with the Marketing Strategies’ online curriculum and tweaked them to include actual companies and non-profits in our local area. I have also formatted them in a standard form and color so each chapter had a color to go with it as well as uploaded them to Schoology, which is our LMS.


I enjoy being active and working out. We also have a very active DECA chapter at our school and I enjoy working with our officer team to come up with new and innovative ideas for our club.

Thank you, Carol, and congratulations!


Instagram: @eastdeca

Facebook: EastDECA

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