Teacher of the Month: Ashley Elmore

Ashley Elmore

Family and Consumer Science Teacher and FCCLA Advisor

School: Horatio High School

Location: Horatio, Arkansas

Ashley Elmore found Stukent a few months after her first trip to New York where she was invited to a W!SE conference in 2019. Traveling is her passion and she fell in love with NYC the first trip. Ashley’s background is in banking, entrepreneurship, Culinary, and History. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Texas A&M – Texarkana and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Arkansas State University.

You can find Ashley planning her year with travel dates to coincide with educational trips, often with her youngest daughter, Lexy, in tow. Her husband occasionally accompanies her also. Soon, she hopes to add her oldest daughter’s little family, including granddaughter Everlee, onto her flight manifest. Ashley’s teaching history consists of teaching AP US History, Civics, Economics, Western Civilization, Financial Literacy, Family and Consumer Science, Consumer Services, and Entrepreneurship. As the FCCLA Advisor, she also travels quite often with a group of “minions” for competitions and conferences.

Ashley and her family

We asked Ashley a few questions. Her answers are below.


Stukent materials used in my class consists of the Financial Literacy Simulator. This is the best simulation “game” of LIFE I have ever seen. We had previously made our own version of this, but I could never make it this “real”. My students love it….like really LOVE IT! I’ll admit, I love the torture of playing Life Happens and their reactions to their drawn event. The very best thing about this simulation is that it runs in the background. I explain to the students that regardless of if we are in school or not, my bills are still due. This means theirs are too. What a great lesson to learn while they are young enough to understand how it will eventually affect them!

Ashley and one of her students


When I first began using the simulator, language was an issue in my class.  One of my most notorious offenders came up with a “tax” of $2000.00 for every curse word. WOW! It changed the entire dynamic! No longer was I babysitting this offense. If I didn’t hear the word, you can bet a student from the other side of the room would and promptly announce “That’s $2000!”. Usually, the offender would own up to it and we would all laugh and move on. That afternoon, I went in and taxed them $2000.  It’s not hard to keep up with and their actions are a direct result of their bank account.

Ashley and her FCCLA District President, Ana Ruvalcalba
Team building with FCCLA


In my spare time, I run Elmore Lane, a business I started with my youngest daughter when the pandemic began. I also enjoy “sassy” time (my grandmother name) with Everlee who is 9 months old.        

Ashley with her youngest daughter, Lexi, and her granddaughter

Thank you, Ashley, and congratulations!

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