Summer AMA Marketing Educators’ Conference Report

The AMA’s summer Marketing Educators’ Conference in San Francisco was alive and well  this year! We
were excited to finally meet more of our professor friends from across the world.

stukent summer ama

The crew we took included Stuart Draper, Founder of Stukent, Brandon Winter, VP of sales and Trevor Erikson, VP of Marketing and Operations. Being a young startup allows us to build and nourish intimate relationships with marketing professors across the world. We love talking with professors about the challenges they face teaching digital marketing.

The Candy Bar Email

A tradition we have going into these conferences is we send an email out to all attending professors asking them what their favorite candy bars are. We enjoy the challenge of finding every professor’s candy bar! We get some very unique requests. The craziest request we received for this conference was an Adam Brown coklat from West Sumatra (Indonesia). We had some trouble pulling that one off 🙂

The Big Announcement

The AMA announced at the Friday night banquet that Russ Klein an accomplished marketer with more than 30 years of experience in both the corporate and agency settings, Klein most recently served as the chief marketing officer for Arby’s will be their new CEO.

And You Watched a Called 3rd Strike to End the Ballgame

You can’t attend a conference in the bay area without hitting up the ballpark right?

We closed up shop late on Friday night and made it to O.CO Stadium to watch the A’s host the Royals just in time for the 6th inning to end. It was a 1 – 0 ballgame in favor of the ROyals which worked out in our favor. We didn’t miss much and the last few innings are when it gets intense!

The bottom of the 9th came quickly with the score remaining 1 – 0. With two outs and a runner in scoring position the A’s had a chance to hit a walkoff in front of a packed-house. The stadium was booming and yes we participated in the stadium-wide wave. However, the fun ended quickly as the batter watched a third strike go by to end the game.

And just like that we found ourselves in the nearest In-and-Out.


uber logoThis was our first experience using Uber. I was amazed at how the locals threw the name “Uber” out like it’s been in the English vocabulary for the last 3,000 years.

In case you’re not familiar with it, read this.

Basically they’ve mastered a more efficient way to run a taxi service. By the time we left I felt like the word “Uber”  had naturally infiltrated my everyday speech. I was even calling Stu an Uber!

Although the Summer AMA conference is more focused on PHD Students and universities connecting for job interviews we had great success in spreading the Stukent brand amongst our friends.

And the Winner Is…

michael solomon ipad winnerWe gave away an iPad Mini. All you had to do was visit our booth and write your name down on a sheet. The lucky winner was Michael Solomon from Saint Joseph’s University!

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