here come the stukent students

Here Come the Stukent Students Entering the Job Market

More and more digital marketers are entering the workforce every day. Now, more than ever, college grads are graduating with some training in online marketing. Stukent is on a mission to continue to produce more online marketers. Employers scoop them up as fast as they can.

Using Google Alerts for the term “Stukent,” I came across a link to a cool website for college grads and recruiting companies called Portfolium. A recent graduate who used Stukent had included her work on her portfolio.

I was impressed.  Besides offering her an internship, I immediately reached out and asked her if she would be okay with it if I featured her portfolio and project on the Stukent blog? Caitlin was okay with it, and bless her heart, even made sure to note that the credit should go to not only her, but her teammates as well, and they should get credit for doing the project with her, but it is her portfolio that I found, not theirs.


Quick Student Spotlight

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Who: Caitlin McPherson

University: Texas Christian University

Professor: Stacy Grau

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Caitlin Portfolium

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As the owner of a digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC that is constantly on the hunt for talent, I am blown away by the number of students that come to me without anything to show but a diploma and a GPA. I want more. Show me your passion for online marketing. What have you done that the hundreds of thousands of other business students have not?! This portfolio that includes her work managing thousands of ad dollars in the Stukent simulation allows her to stand out.

Good work Caitlin! If you’re hiring, let me know and I can put you in touch with her.

PS. If you’re a Stukent student, we would love to feature special work you did, or are doing, within or without the Stukent courseware. We have a new initiative to start featuring high performing students and teams on the blog.

PPS. Don’t forget that the Stukent job board is a great place to learn about internships and entry-level jobs in the digital marketing space.


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