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Why is Stukent headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Stukent to build a campus in San Francisco, Seattle, or Los Angeles? 

A Great Place to Build a Company
Stukent is located in a business incubation hotspot overlooked by many, but the growth-minded environment necessary for nurturing business concepts is alive and well in eastern Idaho. That much is certain.

The first Stukent office was located in Rexburg, Idaho, about 30 miles north of Idaho Falls. As the company outgrew that space, Stukent moved to a location secured in Idaho Falls. That office space gave way to Stukent’s current headquarters, an office building on the west side of Idaho Falls. Since the opening of that location, Stukent has also opened office space in Rexburg and a second Idaho Falls location.

And while most of the employees work at one of the locations in eastern Idaho, there are also those who work remotely.

Both the Rexburg office — which is near Brigham Young University-Idaho, an institution many Stukent employees attend and from which many have graduated — and the second Idaho Falls location opened in 2021.

The three offices have allowed Stukent to spread out and stay close. These locations allow space to accommodate an increased number of employees and environments to foster the community culture Stukent has established since the company’s start in 2013.

Employees have been drawn to that company culture and to the uniqueness of an educational technology company headquartered in Idaho Falls. Together, employees are part of shaping the future of education as Stukent continues its mission to help educators help students help the world. 

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