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Stukent Celebrates Reaching 1 Million Students with $1000 Scholarship Opportunity for Students

Idaho Falls, Idaho – Stukent®, an innovator in education technology, proudly announces a significant milestone in its journey: reaching one million students globally.

To celebrate this achievement, Stukent is excited to launch the “1 Million Students Strong Scholarship.” This initiative offers a $1,000 scholarship to the student who best shares their experience with Stukent’s educational tools. This competition is open to students who are currently enrolled in college or university and have actively used Stukent’s courseware and simulations in their academic journey.

“Our mission at Stukent is to empower educators to help students help the world, and reaching one million students is a testament to this commitment,” said Stu Draper, founder of Stukent. “By equipping students with practical skills and knowledge, we’re enhancing their employability and preparing them to make a significant impact in their chosen fields. This scholarship is another step in our journey to create opportunities and foster success for the next generation of professionals.”

Participants can enter the scholarship competition by submitting either a 500-word essay or a 3-5 minute video. These submissions should detail how Stukent’s Simternships™ and courseware have impacted their education, skill set, and confidence. To guide their narratives, students are encouraged to address several key questions, including Stukent’s impact on their understanding of real-world practices, the challenges they overcame using Stukent’s tools, and how these experiences have shaped their academic and career aspirations​​.

The submission deadline is February 1, 2024 and the winner will be announced on March 1, 2024​​. Students can find more information and apply at

About Stukent: Stukent is reimagining effective education, bridging the gap between academia and dynamic, fast-moving industries. Stukent provides innovative first-in-the-world Simternships for business, marketing, and communication disciplines. These simulations and courseware are used by over 7,500 institutions of higher education across 84 countries. Stukent was founded in 2013 by Stuart Draper with a mission to help educators help students help the world. Stukent is headquartered in Idaho Falls, ID.

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