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Students Get Job Ready With GenM

As a college student, or even as a recent college graduate, it can be hard to land solid internships or apprenticeships with great companies. We know you’re always looking to gain more digital marketing experience to help you find your place in the professional world, which is why we are excited to announce our new partnership with GenM.

GenM is an online platform that helps students connect with potential employers. Students gain experience, and can then earn money as a freelance digital marketer all through the company’s platform.

As a GenM apprentice, you’ll develop professional skills such as content writing, web design, social media and content marketing, and effective advertising.

You can do four apprenticeships with GenM in the same time it would take to complete one internship, all while creating lasting relationships and trustworthy references to propel you in the professional world.

Through your apprenticeship you will be partnered with a business that’s been rigorously vetted, allowing you to learn marketing from the top 12% of businesses. You’ll be connected with a business owner and learn from his/her years of experience and marketing knowledge.  

Form your own marketing team

GenM also features the option to form your own marketing team with other apprentices. Creating your own marketing team will give you that real-world experience we know you and the rest of the professional world value and the chance to lead a team and create something you’re proud of.


The apprenticeships are extremely flexible: you can work from anywhere, and each apprenticeship is only 12 weeks long with a minimum of 5 hours of work per week.


GenM also has free online courses to prepare you for your apprenticeship, and after you’ve gained that apprenticeship experience, GenM makes it easy for you to start making money as a freelancer by reaching out to businesses that are actively searching for marketers like you.

We partnered with GenM to give you this amazing and exclusive learning opportunity for free! There are no monetary expenses, nothing to lose, and so much marketing knowledge to gain. This makes the perfect addition to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

*Note: This is also a great resource to share in the classroom with your students if you are an educator yourself.

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