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92,000 + Responses to Social Media Market Research

My mind just blew up, so I HAD to write about this social media market research phenomenon. Read on!


You can safely say that over 90,000 survey responses will yield statistically significant results. Especially if the survey is just one question.

Today, on Linkedin, I noticed some truly unprecedented, social media market research results. What was so spectacular, unique and new about this market research?

Check this out:

Lyndsie Barrie

This book author, Lyndsie Barrie, asked one simple question on Linkedin. See that? Over 18,000 likes and over 92,000 comments (responses to her social media market research). That’s incredible!

Pre-launch, Social Media Market Research at its Finest

For one, think about all of the publicity she just won for her book.

Second, think about how certain she can be about which book cover is right for her.

Don’t Get Hung up on the Market Research Details/Weaknesses

I know that all of the responses probably include comments and designers bantering about why cover B is better than A and C.

I know that putting cover B in the middle might skew voters away from option A and C, but STILL! How cool is this?!

Linkedin Has Reach for Days

Folks, we’re talking about almost 100,000 responses to one simple question that Lyndsie Barrie asked on Linkedin.

This is the power of social media, where a the brand of one individual is able to get a better/larger response that billion dollar brands like Coca-Cola and Microsoft!

Who Knows?

Who knows if she took time to evaluate that many responses?

Who knows if she picked the most popular vote?

It would be cool for her to find this blog post and reply in the comments!

If this isn’t a use case for the power of Social Media Marketing on Linkedin, for yourself and for your business, I don’t know what is!

Final Note

I didn’t take time to click through all of the responses to analyze which book won, but in case you were wondering, my vote is for Cover A! Which one is your favorite?

Have you seen other cool market research via Linkedin or another social media platform?

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