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Social Media Content Analysis Project

Today I want to share a cool new social media project we’ve been working on.

One of our goals here at Stukent is to create awesome resources that help instructors teach the fast-paced world of digital/social media marketing.

A few months ago we published our Landing Page Optimization project in conjunction with Wishpond. We’ve already had hundreds of students go through that project with great feedback.

We look to do the same with this one and all future projects.ana

Social Media Marketing Analysis Project

A major misconception that a lot of folks have pertaining to social media marketing is that there’s really no strategy behind when and what you post. Simply take a photo, throw a few hashtags on it and post away.

But have you ever analyzed what successful companies do on social?

Can you pinpoint their posting habits and strategies? Why do they post what they post?

This project teaches all of that!

Learning Objectives

  • How to analyze a single Facebook & Instagram post.
  • How to make accurate recommendations after social media analysis.
  • When and where to post certain types of content.
  • Draw insights from existing social media profiles to help propel future success across social media channels.

Project Details

Students will get to play the role as a new social media marketing intern for a company called Buhi Bags, an up-and-coming fashionable bags company. This is the same company we use for Mimic Social (the world’s first social media marketing simulation).

Buhi Bags would like to beef up their social media marketing. They would like to know what type of content to create and publish across their social media networks.

After analyzing direct competition, students will learn that not all content is created equal. Some convert more, some engage more, some have more reach.

How to get access?

All you need to do is log in to your instructor account on our Library platform. If you don’t have access to our Social Media Marketing Textbook, you can request that here.

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