September 2022 Digital Marketing News You Can Use

Walmart Connect Goes International

Topic: Online Advertising | E-commerce

Key Point: Walmart’s new ad platform, Walmart Connect, is adding a self-service feature to make it “easier for advertisers and brands to promote products.” The change is aimed at making the service quicker and simpler to use. Not only are options on the uptick, but access outside the United States is also expanding.

Walmart Connect is also providing expanded access to the “Search Brand Amplifier” so more companies can boost ads shown on the Walmart marketplace. That feature was formerly available only to select advertisers, but will now “benefit newer and smaller brands which haven’t achieved high organic listings.”

Walmart Connect seems to be ramping up for the holiday shopping season, and that may be an excellent idea. Get the scoop in this Martech article.

Discussion Topic: What brands do you think would perform best with Walmart digital ads? 

Google Releases (Another) Product Review Update

Topic: SEO | E-commerce

Key Point: Google just released the fifth update to product reviews. Marketers relying on product reviews for reaching their audience would do well to dig a little deeper into what Google is attempting to do … and why.

The official reasoning goes like this: “Focus overall is on providing users with content that provides insightful analysis and original research, content written by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well.”

For recommendations and a checklist of what Google wants to see, read the overview on Search Engine Land.

Discussion Topic: Google is now putting more weight on product reviews in search engine results. How will this affect marketers and their strategy?

Meta Testing Community Chats

Topic: Social Media Marketing

Key Point: Meta says testing for Community Chats is underway on Messenger and will soon expand to Facebook. According to the Meta Newsroom, “We know that people want to engage in real time with larger communities over shared interests.”

Community Chats will allow group chats on Messenger and in Facebook Groups. Admins won’t need to wait for comments — they can interact with people joining the chat in real time. Tools available include moderation capabilities and user/content filtering.

Find out more (including examples) in the Newsroom.

Discussion Topic: Meta’s Community Chats are essentially just group chats on Facebook. What kind of interactions do you expect to see from brands or local communities?  

Spotify Launches Audiobooks Feature

Topic: Social Media Marketing

Key Point: Spotify is adding audiobooks to the lineup. For now, users will get essentially the same experience they’re used to on Audible — but a freemium approach to audiobook marketing may be in the works.

Meanwhile, the head of audiobooks at Spotify says this: “We want to be the company that brings audiobooks into the future.”

Read all about it in this article on The Verge.

Discussion Topic: Do you think Spotify has a chance in the audiobook market? 

Black Friday E-commerce Checklist

Topic: E-commerce

Key Point: We’ve not seen much fanfare over the quickly approaching holiday shopping season this year. Ready or not, though, here it comes. Will shoppers head back to brick-and-mortar stores now that worries over the pandemic have lessened? Or will online shopping get another boost in popularity?

No matter which way it goes, one thing is certain: marketers need to be ready to perform by November 25th: Black Friday. Toward that end, here’s a handy Black Friday Checklist for getting e-commerce stores prepared and profitable.

Discussion Topic: Have you seen any ads preparing for holiday shopping yet?


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