Professor of the Month: Joyce Zhou

At Stukent, our mission is to help educators help students help the world. We build innovative courseware and simulations that prepare students for professional roles. Our solutions save educators valuable preparation time, are easy to implement in the classroom, and give students hands-on experience with important industry concepts.

Each month, Stukent highlights a standout higher education professor who not only uses our products in the classroom but exemplifies our core values, too.

Joyce Zhou is Stukent’s Professor of the Month for May 2022!

Joyce Zhou
Professor of Marketing

University of Louisiana Monroe

Monroe, Louisiana

Joyce Zhou’S career highlights

Joyce Zhou is a professor of marketing at the College of Business and Social Sciences, University of Louisiana Monroe. She obtained her PhD in marketing from Saint Louis University. 

Her teaching and research interests are in the areas of consumer behavior, advertising, and international marketing. Her papers have been published in the “Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,” the “Journal of Business Research,” the “International Marketing Review,” the “Journal of Small Business Management,” the “Journal of Consumer Marketing,” the “Journal of International Consumer Marketing,” the “Journal of Internet Commerce,” the “Journal of Promotion Management,” and the “International Journal of Management Theory and Practices.”

What Stukent courseware have you used?

I use Mimic Personal Branding for my marketing class. I plan to use “Modern Marketing Principles” this summer and may use other Stukent courseware soon. 

What tips would you share with other educators?

Be passionate about what you do! In an effective classroom, students should know not only what they are doing, but also why and how. I believe the best way to achieve this is through hands-on projects such as simulations, client-based projects, and more. 

Another way to enhance classroom learning — and in the meantime, build community relations — is simply to create opportunities for students to connect with local business professionals. Learning happens both inside and outside the classroom! Encouraging students to participate in activities like field trips, school symposiums, and career center events will help them broaden their horizons and improve their career competencies. 

Here are a few points I use for personal motivation: 

  • Don’t be afraid of trying new things (emerging topics, innovative technology, et cetera)
  • Be innovative and ahead of the curve  
  • Bring out the best in your students
  • Live every day to the fullest!

What are some of your hobbies and talents?

I have three children ages 10-15. I enjoy watching my kids grow and learn. I love to exercise and dance.  

Where can we connect online?

Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn!

Congratulations, Joyce! Thank you for everything you do for your students!

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