Professor of the Month: Irene Dickey

Irene Dickey, MBA
Lecturer of Marketing
University: University of Dayton
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States 

Irene J. Dickey has now been lecturing and making a difference in students’ lives for over 25 years at her Alma Mater. She received her BS in Business, Management and Marketing from University of Dayton, and her MBA in Finance and Marketing from Wright State University.

She is Google Analytics Certified and she specializes in digital marketing. Besides being a marketing lecturer and consultant, she’s also an accomplished author. She is a contributor to the Handbook of Research on Digital Media & Advertising / User Generated Content Consumption and a co-author with Dr. William Lewis on Chapter 1, An Overview of Digital Media and Advertising.

Meanwhile, she still finds time to give back and serve. She is the Director of the Procter & Gamble Marketing Challenge, sits on the Commitment to Community Advisory Board, and a member of the James Free Board. She also volunteers on a long list of judge and speaker panels.

When asked in this article about the challenges of teaching internet marketing, Professor Dickey said,
“Digital marketing changes so rapidly that many “current” texts are not so “current” by the time they are published. It can be extremely challenging to construct your own content and curriculum for a course that is rigorous, relevant, and organized in a way that enhances student learning.

She has used the Stukent Courseware for two semesters now, and we love getting to help her help her students!

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Congratulations Irene!


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