Professor of the Month: Lauren Brewer

Lauren Brewer
Clinical Assistant Professor
University: University of Texas at Arlington
Location: Arlington, Texas

Dr. Lauren Brewer is a clinical assistant professor in the department of marketing at the University of Texas at Arlington. She received her doctoral degree from Louisiana Tech University in 2014. Prior to joining the UTA faculty, Dr. Brewer was an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

Dr. Brewer’s primary research interests are in the area of services marketing, specifically focusing on consumers’ perceptions of service providers.

Dr. Brewer teaches social media marketing as well as retail and service marketing and has taught principles of marketing, professional selling, marketing research, marketing analytics, and basic business statistics.

Sources: UTA & LinkedIn

We asked Dr. Brewer a few questions. Her answers are below:


I use the Social Media Marketing textbook and Mimic Social simulation for social media marketing at the undergraduate level.

The Expert Session videos Stukent provides with the text are exceptional and are an added bonus. Students enjoy learning from industry professionals and the videos are a great way to reinforce concepts with real-world application.


In my classes, I use a variety of different methods to foster engagement and create a positive learning environment. I get to know as many students as possible and pull in recent examples that pertain to their hobbies and interests.

In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of social media, relevant examples are always readily available. Using the simulation also gives students the opportunity to act as social media marketing managers in a controlled environment. Each week I provide them with new “tips and tricks” they can incorporate into their strategies to improve their metrics.


One of my hobbies is fostering baby puppies that have been separated from the momma dogs. I volunteer with the local animal shelter and often get puppies at less than one week old and keep them until roughly eight weeks old. They start out eating formula from a bottle and end up with regular puppy food.

When puppies are born their eyes and ears are closed, and they can’t use their legs to walk. I love watching them develop and grow into happy, healthy, playful puppies.



Thank you, Lauren, and congratulations!

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