Kathleen Naasz professor of the month

Professor of the Month: Kathleen Naasz

Kathleen Naasz
Associate Professor
University: Centenary University
Location: Hackettstown, New Jersey

Professor Kathleen “Kathy” Naasz graduated with a Masters in Management from Stanford University. She has now taught at Centenary University for ten years.

Beyond teaching, Kathy served as the Enactus director for nearly five years. Since she launched the Enactus (then SIFE) team, she has grown the membership to be the second largest organization on campus.

She currently also serves as the Dean of The Social Media Center of Expertise #theVIBE.

Outside of her career in Academia, Kathy also co-founded Professors on Demand and worked at AT&T from 1988 to 2006, serving as their Global Executive Director her last seven years there.

Kathy continues to share feedback to Stukent on our products and she participates in the Stukent Professor Forum.

We are pleased to recognize her as the Stukent Professor of the month. Congratulations Kathy!

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Congratulations Kathleen!

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