Professor of the Month: Elliot Maltz

Elliot Maltz
Professor of Marketing
University: George H. Atkinson Graduate School of Management, part of Willamette University
Location: Salem, Oregon


Elliot Maltz received his MBA from the University of California at Davis and his Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to coming to the Atkinson School, he taught for 6 years at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. His teaching interests include marketing management, marketing strategy, new product planning, sustainability management and supply chain planning.

“My teaching and research revolve around three underlying beliefs about organizations and marketing. First, organizations should be collections of individuals with multiple talents which, when combined, create value greater than the sum of the parts. Second, every organization exists to serve the end user of its outputs and should, to a great degree, be market driven. Together these beliefs guide the focus of my work: how marketing can combine with other functions to help all organizations be market driven.

My third belief relates to how students learn to create market-driven organizations. The Atkinson School provides tools that can help you deliver value to the end user of your organization. We also provide guidance as to when these tools will be most valuable. However, to truly understand how and when to use a tool, you must apply it. Thus, my classes rely a lot on experiential exercises such as field projects, simulations, and case studies.”  – Elliot Maltz

Elliot (and his students) has provided us with very detailed feedback on the Mimic Pro simulation. Having someone like Elliot take the time to help us improve our product is one of the biggest reasons why we love and admire Stukent professors. We always welcome feedback as we strive to build courseware that successfully teaches students correct and up-to-date principles and strategy in the digital marketing world.

Congratulations, and thank you, Elliot!

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