October 2018 News You Can Use

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This edition covers:

  • The Facebook hack alert
  • The hottest new trend on YouTube
  • Tips on how to soar from a digital marketing millionaire
  • 15 technical SEO areas you need to know about
  • Where Google Search is headed after the party

Here are your digital marketing news updates from Stukent.



Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Online Security | Social Media Marketing[/highlight]

Key Point: It’s not a joke. It’s not a test. Facebook reported that personal data from over 50 million Facebook users (maybe as many as 90 million users) was stolen by hackers.

It appears a flaw in the “View As” feature allowed data thieves to gain control of Facebook user accounts.

What should you do?

First … change your Facebook password.

Then … read this Dashlane Blog article for more information: Facebook Hacked.

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Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Social Media Marketing | SEO[/highlight]

Key Point: They call themselves “Virtual YouTubers” (VTubers), and they’re rocking the YouTube platform. The niche has generated more than half a billion views since January 2017.

But what is VTubing?

Virtual YouTubers use motion capture software to translate their movements through a virtual character. VTubing is you as a cartoon character.

Sounds confusing? Imagine Japanese anime done live.

Here’s a brief discussion of VTubing by Google: Trending Now.

Watch the Rhett and Link demonstration below for a demonstration of the technology.



Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Ecommerce | Analytics[/highlight]

Key Point: You may or may not think VTubing will end up in mainstream marketing, but here’s some news every digital marketer should be jumping up and down about: Data Studio is out of beta and ready for you to use.

Data Studio is part of the Google Marketing Platform, so you can pull data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube Analytics and more to visualize and explore data. You can even share and collaborate with your team in real time.

Find out more and start experimenting with this powerful new platform right here: Data Studio.



Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Ecommerce | Online Advertising[/highlight]

Key Point: If you’ve not yet checked out the Google Partners Podcast, here’s an excellent episode for your maiden voyage.

Brian Wong is just 27 years old, but he’s already a digital marketing millionaire. Okay, Wong is also a bonafide genius, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t relate.

Here are five personal development secrets from the founder and CEO of the Kiip mobile rewards platform: Wisdom from a Millennial Leader.



Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Social Media Marketing[/highlight]

Key Point:
The original Twitter timeline was in reverse chronological order — newest tweets appear first. The platform switched in 2016 to a default timeline that served up your tweets based on what Twitter thought you’d most like to see.

Bad idea.

Starting right now, you can choose whether you want the algorithmic version (Show the “best” Tweets first) or the old-style version. Set the option via the Timeline checkbox in your Twitter settings.

Get the full scoop here: Get Your Twitter Back.




Topics: [highlight type=”dark”]Online Advertising[/highlight]

Key Point: Physicians Formula recently teamed up with FaceCake Marketing Technologies to market beauty products via augmented reality (AR).

Here’s how it works:

Shoppers upload a photo of themselves to virtually sample Physicians Formula makeup. They don’t have to go to the makeup counter at the local retail store to “try on” different colors. AR makes it quick and easy from anywhere with an internet connection. The technology works via mobile or desktop camera.

Augmented reality isn’t exactly new, but combining AR with banner ads is an idea that could gain attention from website visitors and get more marketing traction.

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Topics: [highlight type=”dark”]SEO | Ecommerce[/highlight]

Key Point: Keywords and content are a huge piece of the SEO puzzle, but they aren’t stand-alone considerations. Marketers often get the keywords right but end up falling short on the technical side of SEO.

This Practical Ecommerce article can help put an end to the confusion. It covers 15 technical SEO areas every digital marketer should address — and you don’t have to be a website developer to understand the tactics.

(By the way, if you’ve not yet switched your ecommerce site to HTTPS, get after it.)

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Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]SEO[/highlight]

Key Point: Google launched its world-champion search engine in 1998. Do you think there’ve been a few changes along the way?

Here’s a look at the Google Search journey — from website directory to the most popular answer machine ever developed.

This Think with Google article reminisces a bit about the history of search, looks at how we’re currently using search, and goes on to give us a glimpse of the future — predicting what you want.

(It seems a bit ironic, doesn’t it, that Twitter is backing off the idea of telling you what you’re interested in … while Google is intent on diving deeper into your psyche.)

ALSO SEE: Google can now predict when you will die


Are you ready for Black Friday?

We’ll be turning the corner toward the holiday shopping frenzy again soon.

Are you ready?

The best way to get prepared is to stay prepared. Digital marketers do that by keeping up with digital marketing news, developments, and best practices … then applying what they’ve learned.

By reading this edition of the Stukent News You Can Use, you took a giant step in that direction.


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