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New $2.8 Million Grant for Idaho High Schools

Have you heard? Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) donated $2.8 million to provide a $10,000 grant for each high school in the state of Idaho to receive Stukent’s Mimic Personal Finance simulation and curriculum FREE for five years

This generous donation will give high school students all over the state the opportunity to acquire personal financial skills using state-of-the-art technology and decision-learning theory.

Participating high schools will also have the opportunity to have ICCU visit their school once a year to receive hands-on financial education.


Make Sure Your High School Gets on the List

ICCU has committed funds to give every high school in Idaho a chance to use Mimic Personal Finance, but when you apply will affect how soon your school gets access. Due to the high volume of applications expected, schools wanting to use Mimic Personal Finance in the 2020-2021 school year will need to get their grant applications in as soon as possible to ensure teachers will have plenty of time to explore the curriculum and learn about the simulation before their classes begin. All applications will be processed on a first-come first-served basis.

Get Your School on the List

What Is Mimic Personal Finance?

Rather than memorize and repeat information, students see the long-term impact of financial decisions like purchasing homes, building credit, and buying stocks through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and decision-theory learning.

In the simulation, students

Make Financial Decisions
as they manage money in an ongoing role-playing simulation

Face Real Consequences
for financial decisions, affecting their in-class experiences 

Experience Differentiated Learning
that allows them to define financial success for themselves

What Teachers Are Saying About Mimic Personal Finance

“I love what I can teach my students through Mimic Personal Finance, it makes money management so much more meaningful. It thrills me to see what my students learned about paying bills, saving money, and maintaining a good credit score as they did all of the cool things Mimic Personal Finance had to offer.”

Neil Wakefield, Orem High School Financial Literacy Teacher and CTE Coordinator, Utah

“Mimic Personal Finance allows students to truly understand the responsibilities of being an adult through a simulated environment. I believe every student should have the opportunity to take this class before graduating high school.”

Lashelle Nix, High School Counselor, Texas

“Mimic Personal Finance gives students regular opportunities to make individual decisions with consequences that affect them. I have seen the proverbial light bulb go on. They ‘feel’ how much it costs to get an apartment. They ‘see’ how buying a car and taking on total ownership costs decreases their discretionary income. They ‘experience’ the importance of an emergency fund when they have to pay for an unanticipated car repair.

Jason Bartholomew, Nansemond River High School Personal Finance Teacher, Virginia

“Mimic Personal Finance is making a bigger impact on my students than I ever would have imagined. This is what they are talking about at home and in the halls. Students are actively making real-world decisions. They are asking better, more relevant questions. They are having meaningful conversations with their parents about the decisions they are making in financial literacy. And the biggest bonus … this has made teaching financial literacy fun for me again!​”

Shanae Butler, Emery High School Financial Literacy Teacher, Utah

“I love, love, love Mimic Personal Finance! It is absolutely one of the best resources I have ever used.”

Carlia Freeman,  Sherman High School Financial Math Teacher, Texas

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