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Key Point: Twitter-induced, but likely not Twitter-sanctioned, Bluesky Social took to the internet in a big way and seems to be building steam. Accounts are still invitation only (get on the waitlist here) and for more than marketing reasons: The platform is facing a formidable collection of issues restricting rapid growth.  Will Bluesky turn out to be another flash-in-the-pan social channel that’s all the rage … until it isn’t? If it does gain traction, what will marketing opportunities there look like? One thing savvy marketers will surely do once an account is secured on Bluesky is take time to get the lay of the land and look for opportunities to be neighborly and helpful.  You can get started by following Bluesky on Twitter. You be the judge of how much time you invest in the newest social phenomenon, but it never hurts to ask, “How could this help me reach my ambitions?”


Key Point: Amazon got the nod as first partner in the opening of third-party ad availability on Pinterest. This announcement in the Pinterest Newsroom says its 463 million monthly Pinners can now be scaled “in meaningful ways.”  Speaking for Amazon, SVP Paul Kotas said this: “Amazon Ads is delighted to partner with Pinterest and make it even easier for customers to discover and buy relevant products through shoppable content, while also providing differentiated value for brands.” According to Search Engine Land, “Amazon ads will be rolled out over several quarters, with no specific details on ad placement or short-term revenue forecasts.” Pinterest says the move will likely not show up significantly as an income stream until 2024.


Key Point: Why and how are companies using or considering using cloud-based analytics? Alteryx polled 309 employees of companies that currently use or are soon-to-be users of cloud-based analytics to uncover some answers, making this recent interview of Alteryx general manager, Adam Wilson, well worth the read.  Here are a few of the takeaways to look for:
  • Learn why Wilson found it “startling” that 89% of respondents said their cloud investments were contributing to profitability. 
  • Consider why most users said they prefer a “single, comprehensive solution” for cloud analytics and why Wilson said there are “unintended consequences of relying on point solutions.”
  • Compare the idea that direct access to analytics should be given to all employees, not just data analytics professionals, to the current protocol in other companies.
The Alteryx study focused on companies with 1,000 employees or more. You can access the 2023 State of Cloud Analytics report here.


Key Point: Concerns over the uncontrolled spread of artificial intelligence (AI) are growing in volume and credibility. The White House summoned leaders of Alphabet, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic to Washington, D.C., for a frank discussion — and one of the brains behind it all says chatbots may soon be more intelligent than humans. Pioneer AI researcher, Geoffrey Hinton, resigned from Google to warn humanity about the monster he helped unleash. “I want to talk about AI safety issues without having to worry about how it interacts with Google’s business,” the former Google Research team leader told “MIT Technology Review.” Sarah Myers West, managing director of the AI Now Institute, added this: “The harms that are being enacted by AI systems today are really not evenly distributed.” Find out more about the developing story in this article from “The Sydney Morning Herald.” ALSO SEE: FTC continues to bang the drum about ‘unfair’ AI practices
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