May 2023 Digital Marketing News You Can Use


Topic: SEO | Developer News Key Point: Speculations about Google’s annual development conference (I/O) were plentiful leading up to the event, but the proceedings failed to provide the blockbuster announcements many observers were expecting. Here’s how one report put it: “The shocking part was just how poor the presentation was: there was very little content that was new, the slides and speakers were out of sync, and the nadir came when one of the presenters started a demo and only then realized they didn’t have a phone to demo with. The surprise is that Google would be caught so far out of pocket about AI […]” That said, Google watchers did gain insight on where Google may be headed. Here’s a short list of revelations:

  • Google Photos will get a new AI-powered Magic Editor
  • A new large language model (LLM) will improve results from BARD
  • MusicLM will convert text to music
  • Google Search is beefing up image recognition and reporting
  • Google Sidekick will help users develop better AI prompts

Other developments include an immersive view for Google Maps, a new code generation tool, more computational power for Google Cloud, and something every notetaker will want to investigate: Project Tailwind. You can see the full list with commentary on TechCrunch.


Topic: Social Media Marketing Key Point: Meta says the payout model for Facebook Reels is evolving to enable creators to earn more money. The invite-only test will “pay creators based on the performance of their public reels, not the earnings of ads on their reels.” A similar test is planned for Instagram, and a performance-based payout model will test for In-Stream ads on Facebook. Find out how to apply for participation and how to earn by checking the announcement on Facebook News.


Topic: Online Advertising | SEO Key Point: Many digital marketers are excited to hear that Google is testing generative AI in Google Search. Changes to expect include “follow-up suggestions and links while preserving context from question to question” for search queries and a boost to Google Shopping Graph. Google observers seem to be splitting into two camps: one believes Google’s days as the most-used search engine on the planet are numbered, while the other says Google is further down the AI path than anyone yet imagines. All look forward to the Marketing Live event scheduled for May 23. Get the full scoop on Marketing Dive.


Topic: Social Media Advertising Key Point: Tactics that work well on one platform may not be the ideal choice for another, and digital marketers who fail to remember that maxim are liable to suffer unwanted results. YouTube’s blending of search and social makes marketers “compete against organic content for attention and time.” These seven YouTube tips, if put into action, can provide the edge you need to succeed with a YouTube channel. You’ll also discover which situations can cause your YouTube efforts to do more harm than good. And, by the way, never set it and forget it.

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