May 2018 News You Can Use

We’re saying “hello” to new tools and platforms this month but “goodbye” to others. Find out which is which in this edition of Stukent’s News You Can Use.

In this issue, you’ll gain insight on topics like these:

  • Gmail got more than a facelift – check out the new features below
  • Video advertising is getting simpler and more effective
  • How to get off to a clean start with SEO audits
  • The NEW Google Keyword Planner
  • Is that Facebook video REALLY being livestreamed?

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Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Ecommerce | Email Marketing[/highlight]

Key Point: The much-touted Gmail update is underway, and reports are that it’s much more than a facelift. Google is rolling out new features like email snoozing, self-destructing emails, and a new side panel … and those are just for starters.

Why should you care?

The success of your email marketing campaigns hinge on people seeing and opening your emails. These changes may affect your open rates. One thing is for sure: you’ll want to check out the new Gmail to see what’s different.

What should you do next?

Click on the gear icon at the top right of your screen. Look for the “Try the new Gmail” option. If available, it will be at the top of the list. If not, you’ll need to wait for the roll-out to be available to you.

Here’s where to get more info: Everything You Need to Know About the New Gmail.

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Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Social Media Marketing | Ecommerce[/highlight]

Key Point: We’re saying hello to the new Gmail, but goodbye to It’s sad news for Inbound fans, but there’s a good news part to the story – a new site ( is in the works.

Why should you care? has been especially useful for helping get your content seen and shared. The best article ever written goes nowhere without recognition.

What should you do next?

If you’ve been relying on to help boost shares, you’ll need to consider other methods. For quick relief, check Viral Content Buzz.

BUT FIRST, transition your account over to Growth Hub. That will preserve your Inbound klout and get you prepped to be a founding contributor on the new site.

Get that link here: Farewell to and hello to Growth Hub (



Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Online Advertising[/highlight]

Key Point: Wouldn’t it be great to compare reach potential for your videos across YouTube and the other Google’s video partners? Now you can, with Reach Planner.

Why should I care?

Google’s new Reach Planner tool gives advertisers the ability to forecast reach and frequency potential for core audiences. That means your video ad planning just got easier and simpler.

What should you do next?

Read this announcement, then check with your Google sales team to get started with beta testing the new tool.

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Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]SEO[/highlight]

Key Point: If the site you’re auditing isn’t getting indexed fully, your SEO audit results will be skewed.

Why should you care?

The obvious things are sometimes easy to overlook. If the page you’re working on isn’t getting indexed, you’re wasting time trying to optimize it.

What should you do next?

Always check indexing status right up front in your SEO audit procedure. Check this article for tips on exactly how to do that: The first steps of your SEO audit: Indexing issues.



Topics: [highlight type=”dark”]Analytics[/highlight]

Key Point: Google Data Studio now allows custom bookmark links so you can save customized views of your analytics reports to share with team members and clients.

Why should you care?

Analytics may be the most powerful, but least understood, part of digital marketing. You wouldn’t drive in the dark without your headlights on – so why even think about ecommerce planning before you’ve collected and reviewed pertinent analytics?

What should you do next?

If you’ve not yet opted in to Google Data Studio, do it now. Then check out the video tutorials to get off to a quick start.

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Topics: [highlight type=”dark”]SEO[/highlight]

Key Point: Google announced significant changes to Keyword Planner. It’s going to take a little getting used to, so let’s get started.

Why should you care?

These Keychanges affect both form and function of the most popular keyword tool on the planet. Keywords are critical to SEO. Finding those keywords is a big part of optimization for both webpages and advertisements.

What should you do next?

You need an AdWords account to access Keyword Planner. If you don’t yet have one, now’s the time to get that accomplished. Once you’re signed in, use the wrench icon (upper right of your screen) to see a pop-out. You’ll see a link to Keyword Planner in the Planning column (see the screenshot below).

Check out this instructional article from Google Support to find out more.

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Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Social Media Marketing[/highlight]

Key Point: Is that Facebook video you’re watching really a live recording? With this new rollout, it may not be. Facebook Premieres will allow videos recorded earlier to show as “live” (but the comment stream will still be live.)

Why should you care?

Video is the hottest trend in marketing, and live video draws crowds. Facebook Premieres will allow you to prepare and serve “evergreen” content as if it’s a live recording.

What should you do next?

Read this Marketing Land article to inform your Facebook video marketing strategy. Once the tool is widely available, those who are prepared will reap the benefits.



Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Online Advertising[/highlight]

Key Point:

Google announced a new option aimed at extending the reach of your video ads. Couple Outstream ads with the new Reach Planner tool to up your game for video ad results.

Why should you care?

The better return on investment you can muster for your company or your clients, the happier everyone will be. Outstream ads and Reach Planner can give you the edge you need to get impressive results.

What should you do next?

Check out this article on the AdWords blog, then test it out. Early results point to 40 percent less ad cost per completed video view and 85 percent lower CPM. That’s impressive.


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See you next month!

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