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One Amazing New Tool for Digital Marketing Professors

No other company has their sights set on helping digital marketing professors like we do here at Stukent.

Today, we’re taking it to another level. Professors have frequently asked us for a chance to speak with other professors that successfully use Stukent to teach internet marketing.  In the past, we have obliged by sharing contact information and email introductions. We won’t need to do that anymore.


A couple of weeks ago we invited several professors to join the community, and the community has already begun to do exactly what we envisioned it would.

Professors are helping professors.

Stukent professors that have now used the platform for three semesters are sharing their ideas with new professors just getting their feet wet with the Stukent Courseware.

Digital Marketing Professor Forum

A conversation that is going on right now in the Stukent Forum.

We remain laser-focused on accomplishing our mission to help professors help students help the world.  Please let us know of other ideas of things we can be doing and we’ll get to work.

Professors can get access here.

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