landing page optimization project

Landing Page Optimization Project

Today I want to share a cool new project we’ve created for the Digital Marketing Essentials Textbook.
We’ve teamed up with Wishpond to develop a landing page optimization project that teaches students the proper elements of good landing page design and optimization.

All Stukent students get a free student account on the Wishpond platform!

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Here are some of the amazing benefits your students will get with their FREE Wishpond account:

  • Unlimited mobile responsive landing pages, popups, and forms
  • Email marketing with built-in A/B testing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Full lead tracking using our leads database
  • Over 100+ landing page templates
  • Every Google font + over 500 icons pre-installed

Here are the learning objectives for your students:

  • Become aware of amazing tools such as Wishpond for landing page creation.
  • Learn how to quickly build out a landing page for a client or their own company.
  • Understand the key performance indicators of a landing page and how to optimize for them.
  • The satisfaction of taking something and improving upon it.
  • Learn how easy it is to use a web-based drag and drop tool for content creation.
  • Plus more!

Did I mention that the free Stukent student account on Wishpond comes with lifetime access? Now, that’s pretty neat, about as neat as a neature walk!

Project details

Students get thrown into a scenario where they just got hired to the digital marketing team for Kent’s Camera Castle.

Their first task is to bring a low-performing landing page back to life.

This landing page is a single product landing page selling a GoPro Hero4.

After reading through chapter 7 – Landing Page Optimization in the Digital Marketing Essentials Textbook and viewing the 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Design Expert Session, students should be better equipped to make design and optimization decisions.

kent's camera castle logoA template file will be included in the project package that contains the poorly-designed landing page. Once students upload this template file into Wishpond’s platform, they can start redesigning and optimizing this landing page for Kent’s Camera Castle.

I’m super excited about this project.

If you’d like to review this new project, you can find it in your “resources” tab in your instructor dashboard account. If you’re an instructor and do not have an instructor account yet, you can request your free access here.

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