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Key Point: The 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index report by Cheetah Digital and Econsultancy provides insight into how consumers relate to brands. You’ll find plenty of food for thought in this year’s report. Takeaways include a glimpse at the current state of email marketing, what consumers expect from brands, which way brand loyalty is headed, and how privacy regulations are affecting marketing.

Marketing Tech looks at one of the results from the study to suggest that relationship marketing is more important now than ever. And while Marketing Tech’s coverage of the work focuses on businesses in the UK, the information revealed applies to U.S. marketers as well.

Tim Glomb, Cheetah Digital’s VP of Content and Data, gives one example:

“For years, marketers got fat on cookie technology. We embraced technology that made us lazy marketers, putting the creative to the side and focusing solely on sales goals. And consumers are over it. They’re done. They don’t care about your marketing plan.”

You can download the (free) full report for yourself via this link

DISCUSSION IDEAS: Download and read the 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index report. List the takeaways you find there; then list the topics covered in order of importance to marketers in 2022. Discuss the reasoning behind your choices. Do you agree with the Marketing Tech article that relationship marketing is most critical, or did you place something else above it?

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Key Point: Trends can pop up quickly, then disappear in a flash. Smart marketers know how to choose trends with promise — trends that will last long enough to justify the work required to leverage them. 

How is that accomplished?

This Newsweek article points to red flags that can help in the selection process. It’s a short read and doesn’t dive too deeply into how you can evaluate the marketing desirability of a trend, but definitely introduces the topic and opens up a level of trend awareness many marketers may not have yet considered. 

CLICK TO TWEET: Here’s how to avoid hopping on social media trends that provide little traction. A short read, but certainly eye-opening.


Key Point: When you select the correct tools, marketing research can be much easier to perform. Select the wrong tools, and you may waste considerable time and money.

Practical eCommerce helps keep you on track with their list of 20 market research tools that can move the odds in your favor.

You will probably recognize and may even be using some of the 20 suggestions — but there may also be some you’ve not yet tried. You may even uncover some nuggets that can save your time and magnify your efforts.

Visit the market research tool list to find out what you’re missing.

DISCUSSION IDEAS: Check the list of 20 market research tools, then discuss which are standbys and which are new discoveries. Are there tools you prefer to use that aren’t on the list?

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Key Point: If you’re hoping to find data to support omnichannel marketing, here’s your ticket. The State of Customer Experience report by Mitto and Demand Metric surveyed brands to uncover their marketing challenges, their degree of internal visibility concerning customer interactions, the impact of using an omnichannel strategy, and more.

You can get the infographic and the data on the American Marketing Association website. By the way, this information could be quite helpful to marketing teams getting ready for the 2022 holiday season.`

CLICK TO TWEET: The Customer Experience Insights and 2022 Predictions infographic can help with 2022 holiday marketing strategy. Here’s where to get it.


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