January 2017 News You Can Use

Looking back on 2016, what were your most memorable moments? What achievements are you proud of? What can you learn from the past year to help you tackle the next?

We’ll cover top stories from the past month in this issue of News You Can Use. These digital marketing updates are what you need to keep pace with the competition.

Let’s go.

1. Going The Extra Mile With YouTube Ads

Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Online Advertising[/highlight]

Key Point: Kate Stanford, YouTube’s director of global ad marketing, says there’s plenty to learn from the most-watched YouTube ads in 2016. Stanford suggests four resolutions for marketers:

  1. Don’t just join the cultural revolution… add to it
  2. Seek more attention, not more views
  3. Spend more time on mobile
  4. Check and verify your demographics

Don’t work on all four resolutions, though, says Kate: Pick ONE.

Find out more in this Think with Google masterpiece: The Extra Mile.


2. The 10 Types of Content That Rock SEO

Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]SEO | Content Marketing[/highlight]

Key Point: Lovers of Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday give this episode ten thumbs up. Rand analyzed SERP results, then compared page rank against the best-performing content for each query.

Blog posts, short-form evergreen content, multi-page guides… the content types aren’t surprising – it’s the content served vs query that provides the meat of this story.

The prime take-away, though, is Rand’s seasoned advice on how to choose the best content for the message you want to get across to your audience.

Get the full meal deal here: The Best Content Types for SEO.


3. The Best Email Marketing Tips of 2016

Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Email Marketing[/highlight]

Key Point: From email list building tactics by 15 email superstars to advice on understanding the marketing funnel, this annual round-up by AWeber provides plenty of value.

Whether your aim is to strengthen ties to your audience, launch a new product, or learn more about affiliate marketing via email – you’ll find pertinent tips here.

It’s still the chief driver for conversions. Find out more about email marketing by checking out these tips: The Best Email Marketing Tips of 2016.


4. YouTube: Who’s Watching…and When?

Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Video Marketing | Social Media Marketing[/highlight]

Key Point: If you’re one of those digital marketers who thinks YouTube campaigns only work for Millennials… you may want to think again. The latest stats show the number of older adults (55+) active on YouTube tripled from 2015 to 2016.

Here’s another Zinger: comScore says you can reach 95% of online adults, 35 years and over, via YouTube in any given month… and that 95% level stays constant at 55+.

Find out who’s tuning in to YouTube by checking the latest YouTube Stats on Audience Demographics.


5. Product Listing Ads…By Amazon?

Topics: [highlight type=”dark”]Online Advertising[/highlight]

Key Point: You may not have noticed their absence, but anyone participating in Google PPC bidding will definitely notice their presence. Amazon is now running product listing ads.

Why does it matter? If this goes from testing phase to full-blown competition phase, Amazon will be a formidable bidding opponent in just about any category they want to operate in.

If you’ve been used to going up against Amazon for text ad placement, you’ve already felt the heat. Merkle does an excellent job of presenting the entire picture here: Reversing Course.


6. Google Optimize is Coming Soon – Get On The List

Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]Analytics[/highlight]

Key Point: What’s built on Google Analytics, uses Bayesian statistical methods for real-world modeling, and uses advanced targeting methods that will help you drill down to levels of customer personalization you may yet to have encountered?

If you guessed Google Optimize, you’re right. Here’s just a little of the potential you could soon be deploying:

  • A/B Testing
  • Google Tag Manager deployment
  • Audience Targeting
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Simultaneous Experiments

The list goes on. You can’t get it yet, but you CAN get on the list for beta testing and sign up for free… IF you go here fast: Give Me Google Optimize, PLEASE.


7. Search Trends You Need to Know About for 2017 Marketing

Topic: [highlight type=”dark”]SEO[/highlight]

Key Point: Google often referred to their micro-moments theory of marketing in 2016, and their Year in Search summary kept that momentum up.

According to the search giant, to “be present in consumers’ micro-moments” in 2017 and offer ways to be useful is a job that can be made easier when your marketing messages are optimistic and heartwarming.

Given the mood that closed out the prior year, you’ll need to be relevant… and you “must find ways to reassure consumers” in a way that highlights your brand as trustworthy.

That’s the gist of “Marketing Trends That Defined Google’s Year in Search.” The most valuable part of the page, though, is the link to the Year in Search site. Any marketer who’ll take the time to mine information from that gem will surely be rewarded.


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Wishing you and yours the best new year ever! Keep walking in the direction of your goals… and you WILL reach them.

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