Introducing the Newest Principles of Marketing Courseware

Industry Experts Author Text With Real-World Video Case Studies

Stukent launched its newest textbook for higher education, Modern Marketing Principles, with accompanying video case studies, at the American Marketing Association’s Winter conference on Feb. 22. This text is the latest textbook in Stukent’s growing library of digital marketing courseware.

Modern Marketing Principles will give students up-to-date content framed with marketing trends that industry professionals use every day. The textbook is part of a courseware package featuring real-world case studies and in-class activities that build practical, hands-on skills.

For a limited time, instructors can get free access to the courseware for their classes here.

The authors, Kinda Wilson and Jerry Rackley, teach marketing at Oklahoma State University. They have multiple years of experience working individually as marketing professionals and together as educators.

Jerry Rackley

“The supplemental materials, particularly the video cases, will ensure that students don’t have to imagine how the things we discuss in the book work in real life,” says Rackley. “The videos will take them through real-life applications.”

Kinda Wilson

Wilson has seen success using the courseware in her class. She said, “I’ve been very encouraged to watch the energy level in the classrooms when students are working on the cases and discussing them. There is a buzz of energy and a feeling of life in the room. It’s wonderful to see the students excited when they have a creative idea for how to solve a case or when they’ve put together an excellent strategy.”

If you’re interested in watching a webinar about Modern Marketing Principles from author, Kinda Wilson on Thursday, March 14, register here.

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