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Introducing New Advertising Digital Textbook

"Advertising: Selling in Today's World" Digital Textbook Cover

The newest Stukent digital textbook, “Advertising: Selling in Today’s World” with accompanying Video Case Studies, was launched during a live webinar on Feb. 14. You can watch a recording of the webinar here

Advertising instructors had the opportunity to hear from the authors, explore unique elements of the textbook, and learn best practices for applying the concepts it teaches.

Stukent will promote the textbook March 26-29 at the 2020 American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference in San Diego. The book was also promoted at the 2020 American Marketing Association Winter Academic Conference.

“Advertising: Selling in Today’s World” provides students with up-to-date content framed by advertising trends that industry professionals implement every day. The textbook is part of a courseware package featuring real-world, in-class activities that build practical, hands-on skills and allow instructors to personalize their courses.

“We’ve built flexibility into this book,” coauthor Brian Sheehan said. “We understand that different professors teach courses in many different ways, so we created Video Case Studies, assignments, and quizzes that instructors can use however they’d like.”

For a limited time, you can request free access to the textbook here.

About the Authors

With a combined 50 years of industry experience and nearly 30 years of educational experience, coauthors Ed Russell and Brian Sheehan provide an unparalleled take on the current landscape of advertising. 

Coauthor Ed Russell

Ed spent 25 years in advertising, working for some of the largest and best-known firms in the world.

Coauthor Brian Sheehan

Brian worked for 25 years in offices all around the world for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. Both teach advertising at Syracuse University.

Access Engaging Instructor Resources

More than just a basic textbook, “Advertising: Selling in Today’s World” includes 86 engaging resources, including

  • 16 lesson plans
  • 11 quizzes (system-graded for you)
  • 11 quiz review presentations
  • 16 chapter presentations for instructors
  • 16 chapter presentations for students
  • 1 major course project (includes 8 assignments)
  • 3 Video Case Studies
  • 6 student exercises
  • 5 Expert Session video lectures (with accompanying quizzes) 
  • 1 final test
"Advertising: Selling in Today's World" digital textbook cover over a blue background

Prepare Your Students for Advertising Careers

“Advertising: Selling in Today’s World” takes an in-depth look at various aspects of the advertising world. Students will get a clear understanding of where great advertisements come from, learn from professionals themselves, and much more.

“[The textbook] was written in an approachable, casual style. It’s something that hopefully encourages students to understand they can do this, and they can do it really, really well,” Ed said. 

Understanding how the world of advertising works is a fundamental part of becoming a great advertiser. From this textbook, students will learn the process of creative advertising and see, first-hand, how companies leverage different methods of advertisements to convince groups to purchase. 

To learn more about “Advertising: Selling in Today’s World” and Stukent, Inc., click here.

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