Introducing: Mimic Analytics

We recently announced our newest simulation for higher education, Mimic Analytics! This simulation is the latest addition to our growing offering of digital marketing courseware.

Mimic Analytics will give students hands-on experience with marketing analytics framed with marketing trends and tools that industry professionals use every day. The simulation will be available as part of a courseware package, which also features the companion textbook, “Marketing Analytics,” written by Dr. Brennan Davis.

It is difficult for professors to gain access to real sets of data for their students to work with and learn from. However, these sets of data are essential for them to understand the reality of marketing analytics.

Mimic Analytics solves this problem by providing data sets and an environment where students can gain real experience with marketing analytics concepts such as data transformation, AB testing, cluster analysis, and more. 

For a limited time, instructors can sign up for a free trial of the simulation for their course.

Along with authoring “Marketing Analytics,” Davis also served as a consultant during the creation of Mimic Analytics. He is the Hood Professor of Marketing and Associate Professor of Marketing at the Orfalea College of Business California Polytechnic State University, and he has seven years of experience teaching the marketing core class, marketing research, and marketing analytics.

“I am excited that Mimic Analytics is going to give my students the chance to work with large datasets that they couldn’t otherwise,” said Davis. “I need them to have an environment where they can be in the driver’s seat and be risk takers with A B testing and experience that A B test but you know it’s in a simulation environment that’s safe.”

For more information on Mimic Analytics and to learn more about Stukent, Inc., contact Adam Bolingbroke at [email protected] or visit the this page.

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