New Update for Textbook Chapter Quizzes

We continually learn from the professors and students using the Stukent courseware. We soak in their feedback like a sponge and implement their ideas as we update our internet marketing textbooks and simulations. Over the past two years, we’ve made dozens of updates suggested by our users.
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We care very much about each student’s grade and want them to feel confident that our system is grading their quizzes correctly.

Our professors and students asked that we change the way our textbook chapter quizzes answer keys are presented. So, that is what we did.  The chapter quizzes are an important feature of our textbooks and factor into the student’s grade.

Below is an example of how the quiz answer keys are now being shown. This update will help our students and professors easily comprehend the chapter quiz answer keys.

As the wise saying goes, “the purpose of business should be to make life better for people.” That is what Stukent strives for. Our mission is to help professors help students help the world. We will continue to make updates to our software, so our business will make life better for our professors and students.

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