Internet Marketing Boot Camp Report

The First Ever Internet Marketing Boot Camp

Part of the Stukent team recently returned from an action-packed weekend in San Antonio at the Winter AMA Conference. This conference hosts hundreds of marketing academics from all over the world.

Months ago we put together a plan to do a half-day pre-conference event called the Internet Marketing Boot Camp. Many of you probably noticed us talking about this event over the last few months.imbc-outside

We’re happy to report that the first ever Internet Marketing Boot Camp was a success.

But we did have some major drama.

Hours before the boot camp was suppose to start, three of our eight speakers had serious flight delays and were looking like they weren’t going to be able to make it, or at least not until the very end.


Houston San Antonio, we have a problem.

IMBC speakers

Internet Marketing Boot Camp speakers


With a little bit of luck, some agenda re-arranging, and extremely cool professor attendees we were able to get all three speakers there.


Who is ready for the next Internet Marketing Boot Camp?


That is right. We’ll be putting on another boot camp as a pre-conference event at Summer AMA in Chicago, which is August 14th – 16th. We’ll provide more information in the coming months, but if you think you might be interested in attending, let us know here. We’ll be sure that you are the first to hear about and claim early bird registration prices.

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Food and Entertainment


The conference was held at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter, which is located right on the popular river walk. It was our first time on the river walk and it’s truly a unique experience, one that everyone should experience while in San Antonio. There are plenty of shops, excellent food and desserts, and entertainment. At one point we watched a man remove his clothes and jump into the river in order to search for his cell phone that had fallen into the river.

One specific evening, I had suggested walking to the Rickshaw Stop – a Pakistani food truck. My Yelp app provided excellent reviews and pictures of the food as well as walking directions. Side note: while looking at the directions I discovered Google Map’s 3d city tours…mind was blown for a few minutes watching my 3d tour.  I actually had to really sell the rest of the guys on this food truck, because they were set on eating some juicy steaks on the river walk.

To make a long (walking) story short, the final destination for the food truck kept changing locations on me and we ended up walking zigzag through the city center. Eventually we arrived, but to my surprise, we weren’t looking at a Pakistani food truck, but a taco bus!Pakistani Rickshaw Stop

Frantically, I opened Yelp again and clicked through to their website…my Pakistani food truck was a mobile truck that parked at different locations throughout the week!

I ended up taking the walk of shame back to the river walk and we enjoyed juicy steaks with a view.


How we grabbed attention at Winter AMA


Once again we enjoyed getting to meet new friends at an AMA conference. In order to open up conversations we wanted to bring a couple attention grabbers. If you attended the conference, then you probably know what those two things were.

Making things with a 3d Printer

We packed up a 3d printer and brought it with us to San Antonio. We were stressed the entire flight hoping that when we landed it too would land, and in one piece.

It did.

We opened up our mini factory and started printing Stukent logos non-stop. The printer was a great conversation starter and we were able to give away some of our creations.

Boris the Bear

boris the bear


Part of our team here at Stukent is located in southeastern Idaho. We have black bears and grizzly bears in our mountains. West Yellowstone National Park is only 1.5 hours to the north. We decided to join the selfie craze and setup a selfie station using a selfie stick to take pictures with a 7.5 foot bear. We named him Boris. And yes, Boris was at the Internet Marketing Boot Camp as well.


Overall both conferences were great experiences for us. The AMA did a great job hosting, and we’re excited to participate at the Summer AMA conference in Chicago!

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