Thousands of Idaho and Washington Students Get Access to Free Financial Literacy Courseware

Just over a year ago, Idaho Central Credit Union announced a generous donation that would impact thousands of Idaho and Washington students. Their contribution makes it possible for over 450 high schools to get access to free financial literacy courseware.

Students and teachers are benefiting from using Stukent’s Mimic Personal Finance courseware free of charge thanks to ICCU’s efforts to promote financial literacy. So far, only about 200 high schools have received grants made possible by ICCU. More and more schools continue to sign up for these grants every day. Do you know if your school has taken advantage of this opportunity?

Stephen Benson, a teacher from Blackfoot High School, says Mimic Personal Finance is “a great program that has given my students a taste of real life. They get to learn in the ways that they need to learn. I’d love to keep getting this, and thank you for paying for it for us!”

If you teach high school in Idaho or Washington, take advantage of this exciting opportunity to apply for a grant to enroll your students in Mimic Personal Finance today!

Investing in Financial Literacy

Helping schools get access to free financial literacy courseware is just one of the many things ICCU is doing to invest in financial literacy. They’re continually developing ground-breaking financial literacy resources for young people. You can see some of these resources on their Youth Accounts website.

ICCU’s ongoing efforts to make financial education available to high school students free of charge is part of their commitment to ensure financial success in communities throughout Idaho and Washington.

“Why do we do it?” asks ICCU CEO Kent Oram. “Because it’s good for Idaho. Because [of Mimic Personal Finance], kids learn what happens when you take out a huge pile of student loans– you have to pay them back! You have a chance to catch kids when they’re still forming financial habits. This is exactly the right time to start establishing great personal financial habits.”

Michael Watson and Stuart Draper at the Idaho State Capital Building discussing how to get Idaho schools free access to financial literacy courseware.
Michael Watson and Stuart Draper
at the Idaho State Capitol Building

In January 2020, ICCU CMO Michael Watson and Stukent CEO Stuart Draper traveled to Boise, Idaho, to speak to the Idaho State Legislature. Their conversations revolved around the importance of discussing and promoting financial literacy among high school students.

Stukent CEO Stuart Draper states, “Stukent is leading the way in financial literacy education by providing cutting-edge courseware. And ICCU is leading the way in corporate responsibility by covering the cost.”

When interviewed about the ICCU partnership with Stukent, ICCU CEO Kent Oram said: “At ICCU, we know that the earlier we can help our members learn how to improve their financial situations, the better. That’s why when we had the opportunity to provide financial literacy to high school students in an engaging new way, we moved on it.”

What is Mimic Personal Finance and How to Get Free Access to this Financial Literacy Courseware?

Mimic Personal Finance uses state-of-the-art technology and decision-learning theory to deliver hands-on learning experiences that no other courseware provides. 

Even though Mimic Personal Finance is fun to use, it is NOT a game. This one-of-a-kind simulation gives students the opportunity to make real-world financial decisions and develop essential financial skills. These are just a few of the skills students will develop by using this financial literacy courseware:

  • Creating and sticking to a budget
  • Managing bills
  • Building credit
  • Buying stocks
  • Saving for major expenses (like buying a home or car) 

Students experience the unexpected wins and losses of everyday life and witness first-hand how those moments impact their bank account.

How Mimic Personal Finance Benefits Students

Both teachers and students enjoy using Mimic Personal Finance to increase their understanding of sound financial decision-making:

Zachary Spence, a Troy Jr-Sr High School teacher, says, “MPF is easy to navigate and provides good incentives for students. They are excited to get on and look at stock prices. And they both celebrate and bemoan the Life Happens positives and negatives. And they definitely enjoy watching their bank accounts grow.”

Mimic Personal Finance outperforms traditional financial literacy approaches. Students who learned with Mimic Personal Finance scored 18% higher than other students.

Kaylee Perron, a teacher from Camas County High School says, “I love the controls that I have. I can adjust it to fit the cost of living for what kids are likely to experience where we live. They like how realistic it is. It is a great supplement to my business math curriculum.”

94% of students can pass a financial literacy test after completing Mimic Personal Finance

Madison Reynolds, a teacher from Castleford High School says,  “[Students] love the software and they think that it makes the material so much more applicable. They feel like it is actually preparing them for life outside of high school.”

How to Apply to Get Free Access to Financial Literacy Courseware, Mimic Personal Finance

Your students could be among the thousands that have benefited from this unprecedented opportunity to gain real-world financial literacy skills.

To enroll your school in Mimic Personal Finance for free, simply apply for the Personal Finance Grant in your state today!

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