Five Solutions for Designer’s Block

Try these Five Solutions for Designer’s Block and create something amazing

Whether you are a passionate, experienced designer or a beginner starting into the world of design, you will eventually hit a wall.  What is this wall you ask?  Let’s call it “designer’s block.”  There you are trying to start a new project and your mind is as empty as your grandma’s cookie jar after the holiday. Designer’s block is common so don’t freak out if you are pushing a deadline and can’t get any ideas. Just try one or all of these FIVE SOLUTIONS FOR DESIGNER’S BLOCK:

1. Create a Pinterest Board
2. Follow fascinating people
3. Doodle!
4. Take a break
5. Learn something new


Pinterest is not just for DIYers and stay-at-home moms.  Pinterest is a hub of inspiration and place to store ideas.  Create an inspiration board whenever you are surfing the web. You can save images, designs, websites, and videos that inspire you. Whether you are pinning color schemes, typography, or just cool looks, these boards can save you when you hit the dreaded “designer’s block.”



Find people who create fascinating work and follow them. Look at their work regularly.  Creating professional work like what you admire can seem impossible, but you might be surprised how much your skills will advance in one or two years from now.


Doodling is not just for kids or for keeping yourself awake during a boring lecture.  According to The Wall Street Journal, “doodling can help people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information.” (Check out The Power of the Doodle: Improve Your Focus and Memory).  Doodling can help your tired brain start cranking and before you now it, you will be back to creating a new design.


If you are pulling your hair out over a lack of ideas, take a break! Go for walk. Jam out to some tunes. Watch a funny Youtube video.  Play a game. Chat with someone.  Take a breather from being creative and do something different. Even Albert Einstein touted the value of getting away from his research to play the violin. Then when he returned, his mind was clear so he could solve the problems that were preventing progress. Don’t forget to take a break when you “hit the wall.”


The web is full of free tutorials on how to do anything and everything.  Sometimes a block can come from insufficient skills.  So go learn something new.  Watch a few TouTube videos and take some notes. Then try some new effect and it can lead you to a different perspective and fresh ideas will start to flow. Try looking up free tutorials online when you need new ideas.

So the next time you hit the wall, try these five solutions to designer’s block and before long you will be creating something amazing!

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